January 28, 2022

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Panic generally goes faster than awareness, and the fact is that SARS-CoV-2 is making headlines around the world. But we must not panic about this new alternative, what the world must do is leave the former and enter the higher level, OCCUPY OURSELVES.

I will tell you a little.

Nature builds proteins as if it were holding a LEGO game together, every piece counts and the location you go to determines the final look of the game’s elephant or giraffe. The amazing thing is that very different shapes are put together with the same building blocks, this is called imagination. Nature does the same, through a collection of little clumps, called amino acids, it builds the entire universe out of the proteins that all living things make up.

But there is a protein that, like the loop, we all fear, we call it SPIKE in English, or ESPIGA or ESPÍCULA in Spanish. The job of this protein is to get the virus into us and its success, as in LEGO, depends on its shape, but also on the choice of positive, negative or neutral building blocks for each locus. Viruses change these LEGO blocks a lot in order to be more efficient, it’s not a fantasy, I’ve said it before, they do it through evolution.

And this time it turns out that this evolution has made SARS-CoV-2 not one, not 10, but 32 mutations of the SPIKE protein in this new variant that is causing the world to panic, and this was discovered days ago in Botswana and South Africa. There are 32 mutations, this never before in the SPIKE protein with consequent improvement in virus infection. Mutations always occur and by the dozens, but being that they help the virus in this way, they are rare. Scientists were astonished.

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But I tell you why there should be no panic yet.

  1. Very few cases have been detected and in these African countries where a lot of viral sequencing is being done. This means that it is still territorial and controllable. It seems that the World Health Organization gave the warning on time.
  2. very important. The new epidemic wave in Europe is not, as many have said, due to this alternative. No, his delta and his delta plus ratios are still, indicating that the world should continue to implement measures to contain the epidemic. An open society but with CONTROL, a lot of control, there can be freedom of movement and control at the same time. The current good situation in Cuba does not have to be permanent, we must maintain control, let’s look at Europe and make sure we don’t go back to that.
  3. It is not clear that this variant, which should have a Greek name, will replace Delta. Personally, I doubt it, but like everything in science, you have to study it to find out.
  4. Its immunological analogue of vaccines is still inconclusive, and it should not be worse than the beta variant, against which our vaccines were effective, by the way, although this efficacy decreased slightly. But it would have to be a very steep drop to result in a vaccine change/update.
  5. Most likely, and this is my opinion, Cuba’s booster dose strategy allows us to keep our immunity high enough to withstand whatever stick comes along. We have massive vaccines, and these are facts, not opinions.
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Another day I will tell you about other aspects of LEGO Molecular SPIKE, what makes so many mutants effective. If you love science, you will be intrigued to know. It is a simple and amazing phenomenon. Ayyyyy evolution, stop!