June 20, 2024

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Susalud ha brindado más de 378 mil atenciones para proteger derechos en salud de la población desde el inicio de la pandemia por covid-19. Foto: Cortesía/ANDINA

Sausalud provides 378,000 services to protect health rights during the outbreak of the epidemic | News

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to date, the National Health Supervisory Authority (Sosalud) has provided more than 378,000 services between inquiries, requests for intervention and complaints through its service channels.

Sasalud noted that during the national health emergency redouble efforts to ensure the health rights of the population, Especially those that referred to health care and recovery, without discrimination, with regard to their privacy and dignity, and good treatment in whatever health institution they attend.

Similarly, he noted that the greatest amount of care given to the population indicates The right to access health information, services, care and informed consent.

In the face of this need to meet the citizen’s demand with opportunities, Susalud, at the national level, has strengthened the physical presence of delegates in public institutions with the highest demand from users to be at their side and vigilance in the organization and response of healthcare services inpatient care.

For this reason, the strategies of these individuals were based on a Multicultural approach, having Quechua and Aymara speaking delegates in priority areas for better communication with users Health services and thus guarantee their right to good treatment with respect for their dignity and privacy and without discrimination.

National Day of Health and Good Patient Treatment

Celebrating the Day of Health and Good Treatment of the Patient, Sausalud urged health professionals, who directly take care of the well-being of patients, to renew the spirit of calling for the noble work they chose to do and that. He has earned the appreciation of the population, who have dubbed them “Health Champions” in the midst of this pandemic.

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Susalud called on regional governments, health sub-sectors, institutions that manage health insurance funds, and institutions that provide public and private health services linked to the national health system, to promote and develop activities directed towards the protection of health and quality permanently. Caring for the sick as part of their responsibility to protect the health rights of the population.

For this reason, teams made up of Susalud professionals, as well as members of the Health Service Users Council (JUS), are present in Lima and other regions of the country, developing actions for promotion and awareness that call for reflection in the community in general, because health does not just mean the absence of disease But also love and self-care for health by practicing healthy habits.

via Law No. 30023, issued in May 2013, was passed on August 13 as the National Day for Health and Good Treatment of the Patient, so that all providing entities, health professionals, technicians and assistants, and government institutions remember their commitment to the health of people and the good treatment of those who recover from illness.