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‘Scream’ Creator Endorses Neve Campbell Returning in ‘Scream VII’

‘Scream’ Creator Endorses Neve Campbell Returning in ‘Scream VII’

“The Sixth Scream” It was one of the pleasant cinematic surprises this year, at least in the field of horror. tape Matt Bettinelli-Olpin And Tyler Gillette He left Woodsboro to move the action to New York, allowing the franchise to take on new challenges, given the outcome almost $170 million raisedThey didn’t feel bad at all. Perhaps Gina Ortega, who knows Madrid well, can recommend a new idea to see Ghostface roaming free in Malasaña.

In this already long saga, this wonderful duo consists of Melissa Barrera And Jenna OrtegaAnd maybe new ones Scream Queens For a whole new generation of fans. Without forgetting, of course Courteney CoxBecause in “Scream” there is always someone from the “old guard”.


But many They missed Neve Campbell, who plays Sidney Prescott, the hero of the saga since Wes Craven’s first film. Months before the sixth installment premiered, we learned that Neve Campbell will not be in Scream 6 Through a statement released by the actress herself, she somewhat deplored an offer that fell short of what she had expected in terms of the value she had contributed to the franchise.

An offer that may be beyond the economic aspect, and may be related to some of the rumors that she referred to as well Some annoyance on Campbell’s part about his small role in the fifth installmentwhile retaining his character for the latter part of the film as a nostalgic element, rather than as a character of real importance in a plot that was committed to introducing a new cast of characters.

Kevin Williamsonscreenwriter and creator of the saga with Craven, He gave his opinionalso On the podcast “Happy Horror Time” in About his absence And about the audience’s attitude, which insists on returning the actress in “Scream 7”.

“I know exactly where it comes from, I know her very wellHe began. “I love her and adore her and that’s what I did. This is the right thing for her. I love everyone involved in Scream and all I can say is, Pay him money“.


Matt Winkelmeyer//Getty Images

“That’s what I’ll do, I’ll give him the money. I’m sure there is a number you can agree on. This will make them happy, so I hope one day they will solve this problem.”

After the departure of Radio Silence as directors of the saga and with the project crippled by the historic Hollywood strike, it became The Future “Seventh Scream.” We will get Christopher Landon — which took the reins of the wildly entertaining “Happy Death Day” and its sequel — in the direction, perhaps A new opportunity to bring positions closer together And they struck a deal so that Neve Campbell could continue to be associated with one of the best horror epics with more parts to watch.

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