June 12, 2024

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Health City’s stroke unit is a leader in the region – CSS News

Health City’s stroke unit is a leader in the region – CSS News

The Stroke Unit at Health City is a leader in the region and allows us to provide more accurate care for patients with cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Health City Medical Director, Dr. Jorge Ng Shinki, explained that to provide an effective mechanism, at the national level, a protocol is being applied to transport a patient who suffers from a stroke, so that once he arrives at the Health City hospital, he will be attended by specialists trained in new technologies and advanced equipment.

The service provided by the Stroke Unit at Health City, in addition to being a pioneer in the region, is similar to that provided in first world countries.

The chances of surviving a stroke are best if emergency treatment is received promptly. For accurate care that avoids serious consequences, Eng Chenqi said, the City of Health has a Stroke Unit.

He specified that the protocol of care in this unit seeks to allow functions of areas of the patient’s body that could be compromised, such as speech, walking, paralysis or, in the most serious cases, loss of life.

This Stroke Unit is located in the Critical Adult Reception Center in Ciudad de la Salud.

A specialized physical medicine and rehabilitation center will also be operating in Health City, equipped with automated equipment that will restore the patient’s gait pattern, fine motor skills and coordination. In addition, it will have a therapeutic pool, which is the first in the Social Security Fund and in the country.

Press release: Diamar Díaz Nieto