May 22, 2022

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SCUF Reflex: Now customizable

SCUF Reflex: Now customizable

SCUF Reflex controls receive the option to customize them with different colors and decorations. This console for PlayStation 5 gives you the ability to purchase and customize a console, similar to what Xbox does with Series X/S consoles.

SCUF Reflection: New customization features enabled

This leadership initiative SCUF Reflection is similar to design lab from X-Box which allows us to customize the control as we want with the options enabled. For example, we have 9 primary colors to choose from, with a number of decorations added.

Diego Nunez, Vice President of Game Marketing at pirate, He said the following:

» Controls are an extension of the player to maximize performance and character. These new SCUF Reflex options allow you to create and design a Reflex controller to suit your unique style, with a wide range of faceplates, thumb stick variations, trim colors and more.

SCUF Reflection

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The PS5 community deserves a console that meets their gaming needs and meets the standards they expect from SCUF products. The reaction was created for this. Now all you have to do is make it yours.”

SCUF Reflection

SCUF reflection customization options

  • 32 colors for cover
  • 9 color touchpad
  • 9 facade trim colors
  • 6 colors button set
  • 4 colors thumb lever
  • 2 shapes of thumb lever
  • 2 crowbar heights
  • 2 trigger styles
  • 7 colors trigger and bumper
  • 7 colors D-pad
  • 5 Create colors / options
  • 2 colors for home

knobs SCUF Reflection Console compatible PlayStation 5 And with computers with files Windows 7 or higher. Controller of this quality at a price $199.99. they can visit Official product page here. We will keep you updated with all the news.

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