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Seaborg 400, a comfortable and versatile steering wheel

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Steering wheels have become an essential accessory for making the most of driving games, and whether you enjoy them with or without this device has nothing to do with the sensations of Forza, Gran Turismo or F1. If at first it was luxurious because of its high price and a problem because of the quality of the materials with which it was made. Now the situation is completely different and it is possible to find it Steering wheels at a good price and impeccable quality. This category includes the Genesis Seaborg 400.

Vibration and sensations

To increase the sense of realism, Seaborg has 400 A Double vibration system Allowing you to feel road irregularities, going over barriers on tracks, impacts on other vehicles, and even the car’s loss of traction in some complex situations. he Exciting force feedback It recreates the behavior of a real steering wheel very realistically. If the steering wheel is released it returns to its initial position, and response time is instant.

Functions and planning

The device has a total 15 buttons, eight of which are programmable, With it you can control the functions of both the console and the game. The steering wheel has paddles at the back, just like in sports cars, which are used to quickly change gears. Regarding The pedals (brake and accelerator) are metal-plated They have a mat that prevents shoes from sliding on it.

Steering wheel

It is built from two materials, one is smooth for the top and bottom and the other is rough in the middle area Which makes it easy to catch. The buttons have been located keeping in mind accessibility standards and are located in the front area on both sides of the device. Regarding the turning radius, you can choose between: Two positions allow a rotation range from 270 to 900 degrees, That is, in position 1, the steering wheel turns ¾ of a turn, while in position 900 it turns ¾ of a turn. Choosing one or the other depends on the type of driving the user or the game chosen. In the case of truck simulators, option 2 is mandatory.

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It can be installed on the table using two systems, the first is Five powerful suction cups Which ensures perfect grip on smooth surfaces. If that’s not the case, you have too Two removable clasps They easily install the device on the table.


Seaborg 400 It is compatible with a wide range of controllers: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox series

As for Communications are made using a cable Which is 2 meters long. This ensures that the user places the steering wheel at the most comfortable distance. The pedals are also connected in the same way, although the cable is slightly shorter. No prior software installation is required.

There too Audio output on the steering wheel This makes it easy to connect headphones to the device without having to go through the controller.


Seaborg 400 is Excellent choice To enjoy driving games with a high degree of realism and no The price is affordable, 159 euros, Keeping in mind that it has a steering wheel and pedals.


  • Platforms: Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series S, Microsoft Xbox Series
  • communication: USB cable
  • buttons: 15, eight of which are programmable.
  • Maximum rotation: 900 degrees
  • Weight: 2,290 grams.
  • Dimensions: 35W x 11H x 29cm. Depth.
  • price: 159 euros
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