February 23, 2024

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Seremi de Salud RM announces the expiration of the Health Hazard Alert

Seremi de Salud RM announces the expiration of the Health Hazard Alert

This Saturday, Health Seremi in the metropolitan area, Gonzalo Soto, announced the end Health hazard alertThe measure was issued on Friday After the city of Santiago was covered Heavy smoke from multiple wildfires Registered in the central region of the country.

As explained by the health authority on CNN Chile, Today’s air quality is in good condition for people to resume their outdoor activities in a natural way.

“Fortunately we are with all air quality stations in the DC area with good air quality,” he said. “All stations reported the risks that were detected yesterday,” she added.

“This health risk alert is now completely over,” he added.

In this way, he said Currently, there are no restrictions on people doing some physical activity outdoorsand they will continue to work with various services of the Republic of Macedonia at the national level to be alert for the fire situation in the coming days: according to the latest report of Onemi, currently Active wildfires up to 95And the And they sign up Hotspots are in Villa Alemana and Curacaví.

“Today with the lower temperatures and the Kunav report, they also realized that there was more control over the fires in RM, The outlook is positivedetained.

With regard to the recommendations, The regional health authority noted that in the presence of smoke from these fires, the important thing is to protect yourself and take self-care measures. “For example, avoid physical activity, if there is a fire near my house, be able to close the windows,” he said.

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Beside that, SEREMI also recommended avoiding other items that generate indoor pollution, such as smoking. “This may be something that can further complicate the situation. And of course, pay attention to any condition or symptom of respiratory distress, especially in the elderly and also in children who are experiencing some difficulties.”