June 20, 2024

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Lopetegui mantiene el triángulo defensivo, con Diego Carlos y Fernando, que ha apuntalado su Sevilla estos dos años. Delaney reforzó el mediocampo.

SEVILLA I Koundé and the axis of success

Jules Conde resorted to the French team these days, Where he will consider his resignation not to finally transfer him to Chelsea. The young centre-back, who turns 23 in November, has another season (or at least, certainly, until January) at Seville, a club that has made him one of the best defenders in Europe. Together with two men essential to its growth: Diego Carlos and Fernando Regis.

The Brazilian duo and Koundé have been in the past two years The focus of the success of the team coached by Lopetegui. They and goalkeeper Yassin Bounou, who appeared at the end of 19-20 to consolidate the position of the Champions League and does not give less than Last, Sixth, European League With his performance in the finals in Germany.

La Liga Santander

*Data updated as of September 1, 2021

In the absence of any further refinement and more players for the position, the good news for coach Gipuzkoan is to maintain That defensive triangle that protects Seville And turns you defensive into One of the best teams in Spain and the continent. This year the moment he conceded a goal, against Elche, in three matches. Last season 33 in 38 league games. And at 19-20, 34. The basic statistic for two consecutive rankings of league champions, the first time he has succeeded in repeating across the league.

Sergi Gomez left the center center and left Rykic, who by the way last year was barely used by Lopetegui in the center position, He always did this as a left-handed wingman. Fernando has another replacement, Denmark’s Thomas Delaney, who has arrived to challenge him for the position. Gudelj, who was aiming out, is still and can act as a pivot as well as in the middle of the defence. and from behind Alcantranos like Jose Angel or Juanmi are waiting.

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