August 7, 2022

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Sharp controversy after the death of former military president Morales

The national duel was issued on Saturday with the signatures of President Pedro Castillo, the signatures of Prime Minister Anibal Torres, Chiefs of Justice Felix Ciro and Foreign Relations Cesar Landa.

From the right side of the political spectrum, the Speaker of Congress (parliament), Maricarmen Alva, and wealthy businessman Roc Benavides agreed to glorify Morales as a Democrat and thank him for returning democracy to them.

Thus they point to the fact that the former governor, who died yesterday at the age of 100, ousted nationalist President Juan Velasco in 1975, and called a Constituent Assembly and general elections in which center-right Fernando Belandi was elected.

On the contrary, critics of the deceased accuse him of betraying Velasco by dismissing him with a promise to continue his reforms that he had undone and began to dismantle.

They remember that he did not lead an orderly process of returning to civilian governments, but rather had to withdraw because of what was expressed in two great nationalist strikes.

They noted that he violently suppressed protests, deported social leaders and expelled trade unionists en masse.

But above all they point out that he was convicted by Italian justice of two of the operations of the Condor Plan – the repressive orchestration of military dictatorships in South America – to kidnap, torture and kill Argentines in exile here and in Brazil.

Morales avoided being extradited and convicted by a ruling in his favour of the Constitutional Court, which declared the stipulated punishment, despite the fact that the non-statutory treaty for crimes against humanity, signed by Peru in 2013, states that these crimes do not provide for, regardless of when they were committed .

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The former Minister of Women’s Affairs, Natalie Durand, added that in 2021, after the electoral victory of President Castillo, Morales and other former military leaders, in a statement, asked the military leadership to prevent the president-elect from taking office with a coup.

In Parliament, the incumbent Alpha demanded a minute’s silence for Morales’ death, which was opposed by the head of the Lima Street Sweeping Union and Congressman Isabel Cortez, who suggested that the former president did not deserve the congressional tribute.

The Parliamentary Democratic Change Bloc called for honoring “the victims of crimes, not the perpetrators.”

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