August 19, 2022

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Sneakers for life Baruno’s eco-friendly proposal

Sustainable fashion is an alternative to looking good without affecting the environment. In addition to clothing, accessories such as shoes have been at the forefront of this much-needed trend.

More and more shoe companies, in pursuit of a more conscious and rational use of resources, are making use of environmentally efficient processes (for example, in the use of water or energy) and renewable raw materials or can recycle for manufacturing of their products, without neglecting any details, whether they are Sole, leather, linings, laces, even packaging.

Before looking for a new pair of shoes, look for shoes that follow sustainable manufacturing standards. The good news is that you can already easily and without a doubt find this category with superior quality, like the S-TYLER sneaker from Paruno, a very comfortable and timeless shoe that makes match in any style.

Sustainable processes and materials

The two differences it contains are ecological. Leather shoes have a certificate LGensuring that the processes are the most sustainable, and that of fabric made from organic cotton, grown without any chemicals.

Leather lining, cotton laces, a biodegradable EVA sole, and a monochrome molded sole complete this durability experience, plus the fact that you can use it all year round.

An additional piece of information is that it has zero carbon footprint thanks to an alliance with sierra gorda eco group, for which the amount of carbon generated in the manufacture of sports shoes was calculated. To offset this, a donation is being made that will be directed to forest regeneration in the Sierra Gorda biome.

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Paruno’s manufacturing operations strive to make a minimal impact on the planet, which is why their sneakers are the right choice so you don’t have to choose between style and planet.

paruno . eco-friendly sports shoes

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