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Some seaweeds are able to power a processor for an entire year

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It’s no surprise that in a world where internet connectivity and access to smart devices are becoming increasingly important, so are we Finding new ways to save energy for some technology products.

Perhaps the most surprising medium we have seen so far comes from the hand of a Study Cambridge University What have you achieved Uninterruptible power supply to the processor for one year Simple by today’s standards with A blue-green algae called Synechocystis .

The size From the whole team is similar to AA . battery (which TV controls often use today) and check Energy generation through photosynthesisThe medium that these algae use for feeding, thanks to light and water, generates enough electricity to interact with an aluminum electrode that powers the processor.

Besides this little system It is made of common and recyclable materials. So this little “computer” can be built en masse to create thousands of these devices that can be used for simple IoT tasks and can be useful for remote environments where computers with small amounts of power can be useful.

Arm Cortex M0+ IoT Processor

These algae and their photosynthesis processes are able to provide energy for a year in a row to a Arm Cortex M0 + معالج processora small and fairly simple central processing unit used for the Internet of Things, such as controlling a lighting system on an object or accessing simple information over a network such as weather or time.

We admire how the system has worked steadily over a long period of time. We thought it would stop after a few weeks but it kept working longer‘, says Dr. Paolo Bombelli from the University of Cambridge.

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Moreover, although algae use light for photosynthesis, this system Able to work at night tooThe researchers noted that this type of algae processes a portion of its “food” when there is no light and continues to generate enough energy to power this simple arm processor.



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