November 28, 2023

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Some will have to return money received from their stimulus check

Some will have to return money received from their stimulus check

In recent months, stimulus checks have become a valuable help for many Americans. However, a distribution error led to a certain group of beneficiaries finding themselves in the surprising position of having to return this money.

No one doubts that. Stimulus checks have become a critical economic resource for millions of people in the United States, especially in times of inflation and pandemics. Many states continue to issue these checks to their residents, as long as they meet certain requirements. But due to the failure of the allocation, some citizens received money that was not theirs, and are now demanding its repayment.

Who should return the money?

A total of 34,233 beneficiaries who received stimulus checks by mistake are affected by this unexpected setback, representing approximately 1.8 million households affected by this situation.

Where did the problem occur?

The incident in question occurred in Puerto Rico, where many US citizens have received stimulus checks during the pandemic. The Puerto Rico Treasury Department asked these people to return all the money. At present, it has not been determined whether the responsibility for allocating these funds lies with the local or federal government.

Commitment to return the stimulus check

According to Francisco Paris Alesia, Secretary of the Treasury, people considered “ineligible persons” who received the money should proceed to return it. “Given that the Treasury was the intermediary with the Federal Treasury in distributing the aid, we now also bear the responsibility to make all reasonable efforts to recover these funds,” El Diario newspaper said.