July 14, 2024

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Sony reveals on the State of Play website all the wonderful games and surprises that will be coming to PS5 soon

Sony reveals on the State of Play website all the wonderful games and surprises that will be coming to PS5 soon

On Thursday night, September 14, Sony held a State of Play that began by promising a look at some of the “diverse experiences” coming to PlayStation 5, PS VR2, and PS4. In less than 30 minutes we were seen Final fantasy, vampire, symbol picture, Spider ManStrange Indie Games and other titles, which we review along with their trailers and dates below.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth The cloud and company adventure continues in February

he February 29, 2024 is a date that fans will love Final Fantasy VII And those who discovered it with them Remake of Final Fantasy VII They should mark it on the calendar. Final Fantasy VII Rebirththe second part of the trilogy PS5A. has shown Trailer full the way of playing And movie scenes the next.

Spider-Man 2 Shows New York

The Spider-Men open-world action adventure will arrive on October 20 at PS5, Marvel Spider-Man 2, appeared in play twice. First, with a roughly four-minute trailer How New York has changed and some playable newsthe stage in which the game takes place, and then another video clip showing the additions of the Digital Deluxe Edition.

fork Come to me Resident Evil 4 remake This month

Parallel Adventure Championship Ada Wongwhich in the original game was a bonus mode, will arrive as DLC Resident Evil 4 remake to PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series Under the name fork. On the same day, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker will be added Mercenaries As a free update. next to, Virtual reality mode in Resident Evil 4 PlayStation VR2 will be released this winter.

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Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora Submit your story

action adventure, Parkour and exploration from Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft, Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora, showed a trailer focusing on the story. It will be available on December 7 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Hell Divers 2 Coming to PS5 and PC in February

Arrowhead Game Studio has ft. a the way of playing in depth Hell Divers 2he Archer Co-op vs. Aliens that already has a release date: will be available on February 8 For PS5 and PC (Steam). Bookings open on September 22nd.

Honkai: Star Rail It already has a history on PlayStation 5

A hit RPG with turn-based combat and a futuristic setting from HoYoverse, the creators of the game Genshin Impactalready has a release date on PlayStation 5. Honkai Star Reel It will be available for free on October 11 After passing through computers and mobile devices.

Tales arise Announces downloadable content (DLC).

Tales arisethe popular RPG from Bandai Namco Studios, will contain additional content. Tales Arise: After Dawn It will arrive in digital stores on PC, PlayStation and Xbox November 9 For the year 2023.

VR users will become Ghostbusters in October

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Mastera cooperative virtual reality game where players transform into… Ghostbusters To deal with a variety of scary comic ghosts, October 26 For PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest.

Foam Foamstars Announces the open beta on PlayStation

from September 29 to October 1PlayStation 5 players will be able to participate in the open beta Foamstarshe Archer 4v4 multiplayer game with foam-focused heroes developed by Square Enix. The test will contain eight characters and two modes. The full title will arrive on PS5 and PS4 in Early 2024.

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Baby steps It offers its funny gameplay

With a similar premise to Stranded death While the challenge is walking and maintaining balance, these are the ones responsible for success Get over it with Bennett Foody In their hands (or between their feet, in this case) Baby stepswhich will arrive PC and PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Roblox It arrives October 10 on PS4

Video game creation and publishing platform Robloxwhich has become an immeasurably popular network (especially among children and teenagers) in recent years, will be available for free PS4 on October 10 With backward compatibility for PS5. You can watch the trailer at 3:19 of State of Play.

Hectic Ghost Runner 2 Trial versions

First-person shooter and platformer Ghost Runner 2 It was shown for the first time Demo on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. The full title, for which a trailer was shown, has not been released the way of playingIt will be available on those platforms on October 26.