May 17, 2022

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Soto and Cruz punish Mets in Nationals win

Soto and Cruz punish Mets in Nationals win

WASHINGTON — Juan Soto and Nelson Cruz made the shortest start to Taylor Miguel’s career, defeating the New York Mets 8-3 on Wednesday.

Soto hit Homer from two runs during a five-round run in the first half and Cruz, who entered the game by hitting .170 with three hurdles, hit Homer’s run of 453, a shot from three runs per second, which sent the ball 436 feet

Megill (4-2) walked on the next enemy and that was the end of his day. He earned fours and allowed eight runs with eight hits, one walk and one hit. He lost his second straight start and increased his ERA from 2.43 to 4.41. His shortest outing was on September 15, when he gave up three runs allowing six runs to be lost to St. Louis.

With a big lead, Aaron Sanchez (2-2) attacked the strike zone and retired the third inning in 11 stadiums, the fourth in 10 and the fifth with only six. He didn’t hit a single enemy until he hit Francisco Lindor to start the sixth enemy.

Pete Alonso hit Homer from two runs in the first half, giving the Mets a 3-0 lead that quickly disappeared.

For the Nationals, Dominican Nelson Cruz scored 3-1 with three RBI points and two runs; Soto 4-1 with two RBI and one record; Michael Franco 3-0 with one spawn; Victor Robles 4-0. Venezuelan Cesar Hernandez 4-3 scored twice; Kibert Ruiz 4-2 with one produced and one record. Cuban Yadiel Hernandez 3-1 in one game.