May 17, 2022

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Ibai introduces new KOI team to LoL: Arvindir, WhiteKnight and Xico are the picks

Ibai introduces new KOI team to LoL: Arvindir, WhiteKnight and Xico are the picks

delusion. This is the feeling surrounding the new KOI raster, team league of legends from Ibai. Today, Wednesday, the team announced new contracts for this summer. It turns out that the atmosphere and the breathing environment inside the group of tents is unbeatable. All members have between eyebrows and eyebrows to improve what has been achieved in the springAnd everyone agrees that the current group has improved over the last season. We’ll see how these changes affect the team and what role they can play in the summer.

The three new additions to the team are three real League of Legends starswith a lot of experience behind him in the ring, and above all trophies.

Arvindir, WhiteKnight, and Xico

Arvindir be new Coach from the team. The KOI coach already knows what it means to win the ERLs and win the EU Masters, because with Germany’s BIG team he has managed to elevate it all.

WhiteKnight comes from playing the last split in LECin Astralis uniform, he also knows what it means to win the German ERL Championship, as he also took the crown with Team BIG.

Xico is already an old acquaintance here in Spain, where he has already triumphed with the Movistar Riders. That comes from second place in the French ERL, strongest in Europe, after eliminating Rekkles in the playoffs.

League of Legends KOI Team Presentation

22:57“This team is very excited, we are surrounded by an incredible atmosphere. I think you will have a great time with KOI and we hope we have a good season”says Barbie to end the direct command.

22:50“The strongest a priori should be Giants and Fnatic Team Queso, but we already know how this works, on paper nothing really matters”eBay and Saba agree.

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22:47 A much more relaxed and laid-back vibe than it was at the start of the live show. All members joke and comment on the basic level of Spanish at WhiteKnight and SeaZ.

22:41 Xico is also influenced by the topic of team changes: “This is a business after all, even if you have a very good feeling, we’re not here to make friends, but to win and do what’s best for each one.”

22:40 “I’m really excited about these bullets, but it was really hard to say goodbye to SLT and Hatrixx. It was so shocking because I was so in love with them, but it was the best for the team”Says eBay, the team owner.

22:35 “We’re learning as a team, it’s all very new to most of us, we’ve only been around for 6 months knowing we have and we’re going to get better at a lot of things”Barber explains.

22:31Xico talks about how he was getting better day by day: “Now I’m very consistent, I take my workouts to the max, I meditate, I exercise… It wasn’t like that before, I had to change my habits for the better.” performance

22:27 “Everyone was talking about me as the best player in the qualifiers in France. In my matches against KCORP Rekkles I didn’t play”, The Portuguese midfielder comments with great confidence.

“It’s dad time”, This is how the Portuguese player, an old acquaintance and champion of the Premier League, presents himself. The medliner It comes in second place with the BDS Academy in the French ERL, the strongest in Europe. We’ll see what Xico brings to the tent team.

22:23 And KOI’s new midlaner is…XICOOOO

22:22 Seas will be delighted with the change: “White Knight really surprised everyone, I think it’s going to be a good year,” the support.

22:17 “The changes were visible from the first minute,” Sports Director Saba comments.

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22:13 This means that SLT is no longer part of the tent team. The French player was heavily criticized throughout the split, and KOI decided not to renew him for the summer.

22:12The second member to announce KOI is… WHITHEKNIGHT, the team’s new TOPLANER

Arvindir has won a lot in Europe, and was a German ERL Champion and EU Masters Champion with Team BIG.

22:03KOI’s new coach commented, “I feel good in Spain. I have been very interested in this team from the start, it’s a huge project and I see a great future here.”

22:01 The first member introduced is…ARVINDIR, KOI’s new coach.

22:00 All members comment and justify the changes made to this raster.

21:55Seaz, Koldo, and Rafitta discuss their thoughts on the past split How did they live this? its season.

‘We weren’t a very united group’

Falco’s assistant, former KOI coach, Aciado during the Spring Split, says this was the team’s biggest failure in previous months.

21:50 Enter the group ACIADO, SABA, RAFITTA, KOLDO and SEAZ. These are the team members who will continue to be at home.

21:47 In the first place, the members who were already part of the team will come in, they will comment on how the previous split happened, and then, New signatures will be entered.

21.45The launch event starts. Barbie and eBay put the audience in context and comment on how the idea for this live show was born.

21.30 This starts now. As Ibai already announced yesterday, there will be an intro video for each new member of staff And chat with them during the live broadcast.

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The strongest super league

Several teams have already announced star signingsas with Giants, who can brag of having one of the best players in the tournament with the additions of Advienne, Keduii or Jiizuke.UCAM does not fall short With the inclusion of DuaLL, the Hatrixx rumors… and if what is being said is confirmed, The heretics had incorporated Ibo into their team to strengthen to the planeso the KOI will also have to strengthen itself well, at least, to comply to enter the elimination phase.

sexy rumors

Of course, the great fan base and everything that surrounds this team makes its media impact enormous, so Rumors regarding changes in their team were not long in coming. The first name that appeared in the foreground was the name WhiteKnight, the captain who was on Team Astralis in the Spring Split, and it looks very powerful as an alternative to SLT in the top line. Among the other major names that have been associated with the KOI team are Lider, Vitality midlaner, and Xico, also midlaner of BDS Academy, an old acquaintance of our country who is the main candidate to keep the gap left by the Norwegian Hatrixx.

Several changes have already been announced

As we only knew a few hours ago, There will be changes, at least, in middle of the lane. Today at 16:00 KOI announced via Twitter that the Hatrixx midfield will not continue with the team until the summer. Everything refers to Norwegian to join UCAM’s Murcian teamwhich moves a lot in this market and has already made the official establishment of Spanish support from Bifrost, DuaLL.