May 16, 2022

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Call of Duty: Godzilla and King Kong come to Call of Duty... and to Mexico City!

Call of Duty: Godzilla and King Kong come to Call of Duty… and to Mexico City!

chen Godzilla has arrived rumorsTo Caldera in the circular, there were many questions about how to approach the project. Crossing Between the king of monsters and battle royale. The Operation Monarch He assured us that Godzilla will not arrive alone, he will bring him Also for the King of Skull Island And now we have a clearer idea of ​​the gameplay between giants and operators Call of duty.

What is Operation Monarch?

This was called Crossing From the game with the titans. will use a set of rules backWhich means that the players They will be able to return to the battlefield as long as at least one of their comrades remains standing, while the “Repost” counter is running. When landing in Calcera, players will find that there will be a mark on the map Safe Zone.

So far good and normal, little change in the rules of survival. However, take a tour of the map We will find two huge monsters that will provide us with unique game options: Monarch Intel (or “Monarch Information”), which you’ll find inside the item boxes.

the most Monarch information The more you collect in the game, the more items you will unlock within the game. You will have a meter of this information within each game, and if you can take it to the limit, YOU WILL GET A SCREAM DEVICEwhich will allow you to use files Godzilla power or King Kong power Against your enemies, be it Kong’s Ground Slam or Godzilla’s Heat Ray. Only one of them can be active at a time.

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Watch out for King Kong and Godzilla in Call of Duty

During the first moments of the match, you will notice it Monsters will get angry and attack frantically. This point in the game will be known as “Redish Titan Phase”Therefore, it is better to avoid falling near them. Although if you are reckless, you can try to calm them down by doing direct damage.

When does ‘Operation Monarch’ start in Call of Duty and how long will it last?

This game dynamic has been running since May 11th and will run until May 25th, so you don’t have much time (barely two weeks) to enjoy the in-game giants of the Monsterverse.

How do you live the experience of Operation Monarch in Mexico City?

greatest titans the monster It will rock Mexico City! Under the start program Operation Monarch inside Call of Duty: WarzoneActivision has decided to form a special squad to assign a special mission: to fight a battle of epic proportions On Mexican soil along with Kong and Godzilla.

Fans will be able to attend the fight Today, Wednesday, May 11th at 8:00 pm (local time) In person at CDMX’s Manacar Mall. This confrontation will include celebrities and loved ones from the Call of Duty community such as Rivers, Mariana, Nasr, and Mongodwho will cooperate to fight in frantic duels, in addition to striving for victory, will have to survive the chaos and destruction caused by the fearsome Kong and Godzilla. On its way across the island of Caldera.

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