May 17, 2022

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They denounced the Israeli army's killing of an Al-Jazeera correspondent

They denounced the Israeli army’s killing of an Al-Jazeera correspondent

Journalist Shireen Abu Oqla Nasri was wearing a clearly visible press jacket and was also wearing a helmet, indicating that the bullet was intentional. Photo: ShireenNasri / Twitter

Reporter Al Jazeera Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Oqla Nasri was assassinated on Wednesday, May 11, after being shot in the head by Israeli occupation soldiers in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

Abu Okla was wearing a visible press jacket and was also wearing a helmet, leading many to believe The fatal shot was intentionally targeting a weak point in his protection.

“Journalists were covering the latest Israeli incursion into Jenin when the occupying forces opened fire on them,” according to The Cradle.

In addition to Abu Oqla, Palestinian journalist Ali Al-Samudi was shot in the back, but he survived and is in stable condition.

according to fieldsAl-Samoudi confirmed this – The journalists were not close to the Palestinian resistance that repels the Israeli invasion of their city, which contradicts the claims of the occupation authorities, Accordingly, the journalists were caught in the crossfire.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sought to disavow responsibility for the Al Jazeera journalist’s murder, arguing that it was possible that “Palestinian gunmen” had shot the journalist.

This killing is added to the list of atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation army under the watchful eye of international organizations that claim to defend human rights.

(taken from The important truth)

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