May 22, 2022

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South Park overtakes Game of Thrones as the most requested series on HBO Max |  entertainment

South Park overtakes Game of Thrones as the most requested series on HBO Max | entertainment

Game of Thrones is no longer synonymous with HBO because there is yet another series that surpasses it in audience demand.

Undoubtedly hbo max It is one of the major streaming platforms when it comes to the variety of documentaries, series, and movies that you can enjoy, and also with a greater presence of original series and movies that cannot be seen on any other platform.

And while at the beginning of HBO it was always seen as the home of Game of Thrones, the latest research report shows that South Park, the adult animated series that has been with us for a few decades, is the day of today. The most wanted show on all of HBO Max.

Specifically, South Park became the most requested program on HBO Max in March in the United States. It has 48.16 times the average demand for a series of the month According to data from parrot analytics. This report takes into account consumer research data, live streams, downloads, and social media interactions.

However, South Park isn’t the only adult animated comedy in the Top 10 Most Wanted Shows of the Month, since then Rick and Morty From the fifth Adult Swim rating.

We also note in the report the strength of original content that HBO Max is bringing to the table, that half of the 10 most-wanted series on the platform in March are original.

So among the main assets we see game of thrones In second place and trance In third place.

Also in the report, it can be seen that The Big Bang Theory is more popular than Friends, and it seems that this last series does not stand the test of time and so far this year it has not managed to climb into the top positions of the most sought-after series on the platform.

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