July 1, 2022

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Specialists warn of remote security vulnerabilities on computers

Specialists warn of remote security vulnerabilities on computers

Cyber ​​security experts from ESET mentioned that groups of cyber criminals They use outdated software to access the organization’s systems. According to specialists, RDP, or better known as Remote Desktop Protocol, its purpose is Generates some vulnerabilities in remote protection of computers.

Also, you don’t need to be physically close, since the most common way to connect is through a server and user that is available by default in windows. If Windows is set to English, It can be achieved by clicking on the start menu Then look for the option remote desktop connectionESET reported.

A series of other steps are also needed for the connection to be possible, including the terminal server or Terminal Services Should Be active and properly prepared to receive communications. If encryption is enabled by default, Sounds can be transferred to computers And even files between hostsas long as it was previously permitted.

There are many damages that cybercriminals can cause when they gain remote access to computers. for example, Delete files, disable backups, disable files software Security or download and install various software on the server In addition to overwriting or deleting old backups.

The aforementioned cyber security company 2022 Show a decrease in detections of attacks targeting the RDP service. This situation comes after two years of continuous growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company mentioned it Multiple cybercriminals, especially groups of ransomware Try exploiting RDP The main goal is to violate the remote security of the victims.

In 2020 alone, the attack on the Democratic Reform Party 768 percentwhich was due to The growth of remote work then to Adoption of hybrid work. These were the two main aspects that made RDP an alternative to violating remote security For desktop and laptop computers.

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In addition, the problem was transferred to the Internet servers, where there is a file Host Connection requests can be received from the port TCP3389. This makes it vulnerable to various types of attacks, for example brute force attacks or those that explore some remote vulnerabilities in RDP, including Bloeb.

For this reason, the ESET cybersecurity company Share some tips with NotiPress To avoid becoming a victim of RDP attacks. In the first place, it is required You have a strong keythis is one Password with special signs, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters to access any device.

Another safety point to keep in mind is Hide or password access computers’ IP addresswill allow you to Another level of remote security. It will be a stricter measure to reduce the risk Disable RDP and change port 3389which is used to receive communications.

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