May 17, 2022

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Spiderman: Sin regreso a casa se estrena el 16 de diciembre

Spiderman-no-way-home. Tom Holland. Interview all you need to know

A few days after the premiere of the movie Spider-Man: No Home Hopes are rising among fans, because despite the various surprises that have been revealed since the release of the second trailer, There is only one person everyone has been waiting for: the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for this story. And although there is no official data confirming this, the truth is that The multiverse has already welcomed the most famous villains from past installments Thus, the meeting will be held in three cinemas Generations of fans who have been with Spidey for 20 years.

“I know this movie will blow people’s minds, because We include some amazing secrets And people will believe it Marvel and Sony can rule them out. Since the trailer launch we’ve seen, it’s been the greatest ever; It’s absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the audience to watch the movie, because The trailer is just the tip of the iceberg for everything to come. “It’s such an honor that people are really excited about the movie,” Tom Holland said in an interview. Millennium.

Over the past several decades, fans have grown up with a comic book likeness written by Stan Lee: “With great power comes great responsibility”This philosophy has been restored in the films directed by Sam Raimi and Mark Webb. With the new version of Spider-Man, this statement could be more than true, The teen still grapples with the weight of being a superhero and seeks a cure to break the multiverse., after asking Doctor Strange to make the world forget who he is; Remember that Mysterio revealed his identity in away from home.

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Multiverse Boy

Regarding the challenge of moving the character within the multiverse, Tom said it’s very difficult; Thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by the multiverse, There is no escape from home It is the most anticipated movie of the year,”It was definitely quite overwhelming, but I consider myself very lucky Having a great support team, Jon Watts, our director, Aimee Pascal and Kevin Feige (Producers), they’ve been in this field for a long time and have guided me through all of these films, which is great.”

Tom Holland succeeds in the new Spider-Man role One of the biggest idols since his foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), when we saw him as the millennials who survived the world with Tony Stark and then the protagonist of the new trilogy.

The numbers confirm that. There is no escape from home Breaking the pre-sale records he set Avengers: Endgame. Only in Mexico Spiderman has surpassed Avengers sales by 40 percentNot bad in times of a pandemic.

“I am very proud of this movie, and I think all the Spiderman shows I’ve done are the best, It really has a lot in between, it is full of love and a lot of passionTom said about his performance in the new version, adding to his previous looks.

There is no escape from home It presents challenges at all levels, because The multiverse allows anything to be achievedAs Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, said in recent days, “Revealing Peter Parker’s identity at the end of Far From Home immediately set us on a path toward things we’ve never seen before in a Spider-Man movie and that’s the fun of it, doing things they haven’t seen before.” People before, and in the MCU there are ways that allow them to do incredible things, and Dr. Strange was a good channel for that.”

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Right from the start, the presence of villains from previous movies put Tom Holland in front of one of the greatest physical challenges he’s ever faced, “What happened with them was awesome, the fight scenes I had with Willem Dafoe (the green goblin) were the most exciting, because they were real, we were We really fight each other. The fight scenes were done with Alfred Molina (Octopus) and Jamie Foxx (Electro) in Mocap (Motion Capture), so fighting in a fictional version with them was different; the fight with Willem was amazing.”

Indeed, after these scenes”I couldn’t even get out of bed because of the dances on the unstable terrain, platforms and cranesCommented a few days ago the actor, who also participated in Tale How did Willem Dafoe meet while filming?In which, due to the secrecy of the plot, the bad guys circulated around the group in cloaks so that information would not leak out, in one of the corridors, Tom bumped into one of the masked men who turned out to be the actor who gave life to the green goblin in Sam Ramy’s films.

More clues

The second trailer confirmed the appearance of five villains, though There may be more as the movie approaches its release date. The octopus, the green goblin, and the electro also joined the Sandman and the lizard, but there are theories to suggest that Venom can be a part of this story. Anything can be possible with the multiverse, and as long as the relationship between Marvel and Sony is intact, the spider story will continue. currently, There is no escape from home he is going to Take the title of the most watched movie in cinema history from Endgame.

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Regarding whether there will be a relationship between the multiverse There is no escape from home And the multiverse Spider-Man inside the spider worldHolland explained to M2 that they would be completely different, “This movie was really amazing, but… Nothing was taken from it. Yes we are inside the multiverse, completely different, because we already know the characters they bring back; Therefore, we do not have to introduce and explain who they are, everyone knows who they are; I know there are expectations about the similarities, but it’s a completely different movie,” Holland explained.