August 14, 2022

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Health warns of the absence of a “certificate of exception to vaccination” and denounces those who deliver it |  gear

Health warns of the absence of a “certificate of exception to vaccination” and denounces those who deliver it | gear

The Ministry of Health alerted that there is noCertificate of exemption from vaccination“This allows people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 Enter closed spaces.

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The authorities made this clear after publishing a document on social networks that seeks to evade the requirement for a full vaccination card against the emerging coronavirus, which came into effect on December 10 across the country.

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And Mensa explained through her social networks that the claim “Certificate of exemption from vaccination“It is completely wrong. According to DS 179-2021-PCM, you must present a vaccination card, in physical or virtual form, issued in Peru or abroad., maintained the institution.

“There is no exception card, those who give a card saying they are entitled not to vaccinate is completely illegal. There is no person or official authorized to hand it over and if someone does, they are usurping jobs and we will report it Because this goes against until the end we give it to protect the population”The Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, told RPP.

Where will the document be required? –

The – Posted Dec 9th – Indicates that the rule must be complied with by all citizens over the age of 18, who must prove two doses of the vaccine before entering an enclosed space. Below are the places where submission of a full certificate of vaccination will be mandatory.

  • Indoor spaces (shopping malls, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, concerts, markets, business clusters such as Mesa Redonda, Jamara, etc.).
  • Ground stations for interprovincial travel and airports for national and international travel. If you do not have full doses, another option is to submit a negative molecular test 48 hours in advance.
  • Work in person (only for duty stations with more than 10 workers)
  • Work in the delivery service
  • Work in public transport (drivers and assemblers)
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How to download a certificate to verify vaccination? –

by web

Through the phone app

  • Free file download On your Android mobile phone or iPhone.
  • Record the required data (date of birth, identity, among others).
  • Check your vaccine details and click on See QR Code.
  • Enter the “See Certificate” option.
  • Get a digital Covid-19 vaccination card.
  • Don’t forget to keep your QR code to validate your card.

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