May 18, 2024

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Steam updates Steam Mobile app on iOS and Android

Steam updates Steam Mobile app on iOS and Android

valve Dominate the PC video game market with ease The most important gaming platform on our PC Thanks to Steam, its powerful digital store where millions of players come to buy games and play with their friends.

.’s app steam For PC, Mac or Steam Deck It has been completely updated Over the past years it has added all sorts of new functions, but nevertheless, its mobile version has stagnated for some time and has become outdated… until a few hours ago, since last night Valve announced An update is now available for Steam Mobile who – which Rejuvenates appearance and functionality From the app on both iOS and Android.

Thanks for this update Steam Mobile now has a new structure, new design and new features Without losing its basic features like getting Steam Guard codes or confirming deals in the Community Market. Here are the main features of this new reconfigured version in terms of both aesthetics and functionality:

  • Authentication double factor.
  • login with QR Code.
  • Confirm login By clicking on the accept or decline button ( Mobile mode).
  • management Authorized devices.
  • Easy access to the store with a Enhanced browsing experience for mobile device screens.
  • A library with access to content, discussions, guides, and support…
  • management Remote download games and updates in the computer.
  • confirmation of exchanges from the market.
  • Compatibility to use Multiple accounts.
  • Customizable tabs.

Access with QR, the novelty that Valve highlights the most and future changes

of all these The most important thing for Valve is to log in with a QR codeA new way to access Steam without having to type in your username and password. According to Valve, “The process uses the two-factor authentication credentials stored in the app on your phone and securely identifies you on Steam using your mobile deviceWhen logging in with this process, Steam Mobile Show confirmation page for session attempt including even map With the approximate geographical location of the device for us to verify the login.

In addition, in the official announcement of the new version of Steam Mobile, Valve also indicates plans for the future in the application, and they already have plans Add QR Recordings to Steam DeckIn the future, add new types of notifications and integrate the list of authorized devices into the original Steam client.

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