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Superman “Flyed” Lopez on the Queen stage in La Vuelta;  Jefferson Cepeda was one of the references in the mountains Other sports |  Sports

Superman “Flyed” Lopez on the Queen stage in La Vuelta; Jefferson Cepeda was one of the references in the mountains Other sports | Sports

The general was identified as Primoz Roglic, followed by Enrique Mas and Lopez himself.

The best version of Colombian Miguel Angel appeared Superman López (Movistar) to spread his wings and fly solo to the unprecedented summit of Gamoniteiru and descend as the winner of the Queen stage at La Vuelta, where the general is introduced to the most famous Slovenian Primoz Roglic, followed by Enric Mas and himself Lopez.

The Colombian (Pesca, 27), became the most anticipated day champion of the Tour, the 18th day leaving Salas and arriving at Alto del Jamonitero after 162.6 kilometers and four challenging ports.

He will be named first in the Golden Book of the new Asturian port, as he raised his arms in a time of 4 hours 41.21 14 seconds ahead of Slovenian Primoz Roglic, topping further by adding an additional 6 seconds.

Roglic, who was overtaken by Lopez this time, defended the second place on the stage in a struggle with Enrique Mas and another Colombian, Egan Bernal, who crossed in this order 6 and 8 seconds behind the leader after a beautiful fight in the last kilometer.

The mountain ended in the Vuelta. The Queen stage, except for the surprise, took the last photo of the catwalk. Roglic is the undisputed pattern and the third lap will be scored. Enrique Mas, who is now 2.30, got the second move and Lopez third. Further in the distance are Australian Jack Haig (Bahrain) and Bernal, over 4.30 minutes away.

Ecuadorean Jefferson Cepeda entered the goal in 52nd place, 21 minutes and 30 seconds from Superman Lopez. Together with Julen Amezqueta, he became a “reference in the mountains with the arrival of the terrifying Gamoniteiro”.

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Cepeda ranked 33 in the general classification and remains the top rider on the Spanish professional Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team.

The cache breaks the leak again

The Queen stage at La Vuelta began turbulent, with several attacks that ended with a massive expedition of 32 runners. Almost all teams were represented, but Bahrain was not present, which had to pull a peloton to stabilize the escape.

The number of Australian Michael Storer, the same person who won the Balcón de Alicante and Rincón de la Victoria, came to crown Puerto de San Llaurienzu ahead (1, 9.9 km by 8.6%). The peloton rolled at its own pace, in 3.40 minutes.

Storer insisted tirelessly, attacking at La Cobertoria (1a) 2 km from the summit. The “Australian” cyclist was left alone, ready to hunt down the trio in his style, with a distant getaway. Behind the only news was the UAE’s desire to help Movistar and Bahrain to make time for the fugitives.

David de la Cruz tries it in Gamoniteiru

Storer passed through the town of Paula de Lena, at the foot of the port, two minutes on Bardet, who gave up the trip in defense of his polka dot jersey, and 2.20 in relation to the favorites group, as Roglic was in an armchair, awaiting the competitors’ moves,

Climbing the long-awaited Gamoniteiru, a new special-class giant of 15 km with 9.8 percent and 14 slopes, seeing the grueling mark imposed by Bahrain, desperate David de la Cruz, who decided to burn the fireworks.

The Catalan shot in search of Stoner, who was giving up time to spray. The effort was affecting the “Australian” cyclist, whom de la Cruz reached 7 kilometers from the finish line. Two in the lead against my favorite truck, which was rolling over in a minute. One did not want to rest Stoner, and another took up his alimony, the leader of the Emirates.

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So the next step for the Spaniards was to get rid of Stoner’s intrusion at 5.5 from the summit located at an altitude of 1,770 meters. It seemed like a perfect situation to experience a first Spanish victory, but it was just a mirage.

Superman pulls his wings straight up

At 5.5 from the finish line, Egan Bernal tightened the rhythm, another giant of the Colombians, ready to die a killer, as he promised. His lashes chose a set with Roglic, Lopez and Mas, those who would have arrived at de la Cruz. To make matters worse, Superman attacked soon after, unstoppable, and flew like a Condor down the narrow Gamoniteiru Road, where the light was turned off by the fog.

Enlightened by his ambition, encouraged to secure the podium, and with Telefónica president, Jose Maria Alvarez Baletti in the team car, Superman had many reasons to draw strength from weakness. So cyclist Boyaca was elusive, and he returned under his jurisdiction on a historic day.

He was the one defined by glory to launch a pinnacle that already belonged to Vuelta’s imagination. An award in a difficult season, in which he has had to battle COVID-19 and thwart an unfortunate tour. He just renewed for two years with Movistar, and this victory matches the team’s decision.

Atop Alberto Fernandez, the roof of the Vuelta, Superman celebrated his third Tour victory and fourth in a major win, including the Queen stage of the 2020 Tour at Col de Luz. He has a podium at the Vuelta and the Giro, and opens his record on another podium that will arrive on Sunday in Santiago. Imagination will make you fly towards your dream.

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On Friday, the nineteenth stage will take place between Tapia de Casaregos and Monforte de Lemos, with a length of 191.2 kilometres. (Dr)