August 15, 2022

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Taliban government says US will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

The United States has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, a country mired in poverty and on the brink of economic disaster, despite Refuses political recognition of the new Taliban rulers in the country.

A statement by Taliban leaders was issued at the end of last year The first direct talks between the two former foes since the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in late August. The United States did not comment on the weekend’s meeting.

The Taliban had indicated that the talks were held in Doha and Qatar went well, and that Washington would release humanitarian aid to Afghanistan after agreeing that this assistance would not be linked to an official recognition of its leadership in the Asian country.

The United States made it clear that negotiations are in no way a prelude to recognition of the Taliban, who came to power on August 15 after World War II. The collapse of the government backed by Washington.

Taliban political spokesman, Suhail Shaheen He also told the Associated Press that the acting Afghan foreign minister assured the United States during negotiations that they are We are committed to preventing terrorists from using their territory to launch attacks on other countries. But on Saturday, they ruled out any cooperation with Washington to contain the group. Islamic country , Which is increasing its activity in the Afghan space.

The Islamic State (ISIS), the enemy of the Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack Responsibility for a recent string of attacks, including a suicide bombing on Friday that killed 46 Shiites. Washington considers it the biggest terrorist threat from Afghanistan.

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“We are able to fight ISIS independently,” Shaheen responded when asked if the Taliban would work with the United States. To contain the Islamic State branch, which he referred to by its Arabic abbreviation.

Bill Roggio, a senior member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, an organization that monitors extremist groups, I agreed that the Taliban did not need Washington’s help To track down and destroy the ISIS branch in Afghanistan, better known as Islamic State of Khorasan (ISKP, with his initials in English).

The Taliban have fought for 20 years to expel the United States, and the last thing they need is the United States’ return. “In addition, US assistance is not needed,” said Roggio, in charge of the agency’s Long War Journal. They must perform the complex and lengthy task of uprooting ISKP cells and their limited infrastructure. He has all the knowledge and tools to do that.”