December 5, 2023

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Taylor Swift’s night out with friends or a reunion of the former Jonas Brothers?

Taylor Swift’s night out with friends or a reunion of the former Jonas Brothers?

In a group of friends Taylor Swift There are now more former Jonas Brothers members than band members. There’s a lot to comment on on their girls’ last night, we imagine, in their WhatsApp chat.

And on the fourth of November Taylor Swift He left Bond Saint in his inseparable arm Selena Gomez Hand in hand with her new footballer friend Brittany Mahomes. The singer wore another mini skirt with a plaid print and a belt, a basic black long-sleeved shirt and stunning Stella McCartney pumps ($1,850), which she combined with a black crocodile-print bag ($1,995) and a dark green manicure.

For his part, Mahomes wore a blue uniform midnight With a bra and a white coat, while Gomez chose comfortable clothes Beige color With black ankle boots and a YSL bag. One step back, Sophie Turner I was wearing a blue version of the jacket ignorantLight jeans, sky blue velvet heels and a Louis Vuitton bag. Next to you, Gigi Hadid Join the counterattack to the pants with a black shirt jacket, socks and calf-length leather boots.

As users on social media were quick to point out: That’s a lot of Jonas Brothers exes in one place. “He collects them like infinity gems,” one Marvel fan wrote.

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner’s friendship made headlines in September after Turner’s high-profile divorce from Joe Jonas, who in turn broke up with Swift via text message in 2008… that same year, Selena Gomez dated Nick Jonas, Joe’s brother. Oh, and Hadid, who is currently rumored to be dating Irina Shayk’s ex Bradley Cooper (while the Russian model is linked to Gisele Bündchen’s ex-husband Tom Brady), briefly dated Joe Jonas in 2015 after rejecting him seven years earlier.

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But no Girl gang And it doesn’t end there… Cara Delevingne was there too! The 31-year-old model also joined the party in a pair of Stella McCartney leather and jeans, a black jacket and hat. Bucket Of poetry

What a night. Where was Blake Lively?

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Translated and edited by Blanca de Almando

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