July 1, 2022

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Tencent compra parte de Bloober Team, devs de The Medium y Layers of Fear

Tencent compra parte de Bloober Team, devs de The Medium y Layers of Fear

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Bloober team, a studio specializing in horror games, is in everyone’s eyes after the release of averageAnd your last project Alliance with Konami To develop unadvertised content.

Developer been in negotiations for a while, as many companies were interested in its potential purchase and it is said that Including Microsoft. However, Bloober’s team She decided to keep her independence and withdraw from all treatments.

This did not stop him from forming alliances with other greats in the industry. This we tell you since then Tencent Invested to buy a large part of the Bloober team. Thus, the Chinese giant is already one of the most important investors in the study.

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Tencent and Bloober announced an important alliance

Through a statement, Team Tencent and Bloober confirmed that they have reached an agreement that will benefit them in the long run. Piotr Babineau, head of the Polish studio, said 2020 was a great year for the entire team and that October marks its 13th anniversary.

To celebrate, they decided to pursue new opportunities in the industry and Tencent showed interest in their future. Because of this, the Chinese company now owns 22% of the studio, making it the largest outside shareholder.

“We are honored by Tencent’s interest and delighted to welcome him as a new contributor (…) We greatly appreciate the tremendous knowledge of the industry and the entire ecosystem that our new investor has. We are delighted to have him on board,” the Bloober team commented.

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Papineau said he is very excited about all the opportunities that the studio has found in recent months, as it will allow them to become one of the studios leading in creating horror games.

The creator reiterated that in the next 4 years they will work on 2 AAA titles, which will come true thanks to the trust of their new partners. He also highlighted the importance of this agreement for the industry in his country.

“I have talked about it before, but it is worth repeating this time, the Polish gaming market is entering a stage of maturity. The speculative phase is slowly ending and the foundations are being checked. I am proud,” added the manager.

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