May 20, 2024

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has a new trailer, although it has some bad news about its history

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has a new trailer, although it has some bad news about its history

Nacon and developer KT Racing presented a new trailer for the promising game Test drive the unlimited solar crownYour own open world racing game. graduation ExplorerThe video focuses onThe landscapes we will explore in this 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island.

there Nearly 300 collectibles To obtain it alone or with our friends, from coins, reputation, influence and special items. We will also have the pleasure of discovering locations rarely seen in this genre, and each discovery contributes to your progress.

“Most attentive people will notice the lack of particle effects, especially dust and smudges on dirt roads. We are still working on integrating and improving these effects. “It's an important element of immersion but also a demanding resource to perform,” the team says. Their current goal is to find the best balance between effects and performance, without affecting a smooth experience. “Although we can display long-running dust clouds like WRC games with the KT engine, the size of Hong Kong and the resources needed to show other players and scene details are more difficult to capture.” Test drive the unlimited solar crown“.

In 2024… but not at the beginning of the year

The last appointment we had was… Early 2024 but the last video It simply refers to 2024. It's already March and a launch doesn't seem imminent: “We know you want a release date, and we understand your interest,” the team says in a message accompanying the trailer, hinting at a new delay.

“Although the date has been considered several times, we want to allow the time necessary to ensure your experience Test drive the unlimited solar crown It's as smooth, stable, and fun as can be.” They're working on the server infrastructure and improving performance; currently, The third closed test will start soon Which will be broader – in functions and territory – than its predecessors.

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