June 25, 2022

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The 16th International Conference on Sugar and its Derivatives Begins in Cuba ‘Cuba’ Granma

The 16th International Conference on Sugar and its Derivatives (Diversification 2022) began on Monday, in Havana, with the aim of contributing to the transformation of the agricultural sugar industry from the application of the system of government and innovation.

The event, which will be held until June 24 at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, will be held in a hybrid, face-to-face and virtual manner, and will involve the participation of more than 200 representatives from 17 countries including Cuba, Germany, Austria, Colombia, Spain, France, Guatemala, India, Tanzania Mexico, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Brazil, China, Peru, Norway and Canada.

Sources from Azcuba Azucarero Group explained that this conference has a scientific and commercial nature, as it will study the results of research in recent years in knowledge and in the introduction of achievements in the production of sugar and its derivatives.

On Monday, three keynote speeches were given, one of which dealt with new trends in sugar, delivered by the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization (OIA), Guatemala José Orive.

During the rest of the days, topics related to bio-products and organic fertilizers will be covered; energy and advances in sugar technology and industrial efficiency; food and animal feed safety; and development of derivatives.

Icidca, the event organizing organization, has since 1983 organized international events dedicated to topics related to the sugar industry and its derivatives and co-products, initially under the name International Symposia on Derivatives, and later as International Symposia on Sugar. and its derivatives. After that and until now in international conferences on sugar and its derivatives every two years. This release corresponds to 2021, which has been postponed due to the international and national situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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