December 6, 2023

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The Palestinian leader accuses Israel of committing crimes in Gaza

The Palestinian leader accuses Israel of committing crimes in Gaza

The head of the Palestinian Legislative Council said, in a statement issued on Tuesday, that “Gaza has become an open grave due to the ethnic cleansing to which our people are subjected there.”

According to Fattouh, there is conclusive evidence of war crimes committed by that country.

In this sense, he criticized the “terrible process of ethnic cleansing and the brutal crimes committed” in the enclave, including starvation, refusal to provide medical treatment, and cutting off supplies of drinking water and electricity.

Given this situation, he called on the international community to act urgently to stop the aggression and alleviate the severe humanitarian crisis in this coastal enclave where 2.3 million Palestinians live.

He stressed the need to open urgent humanitarian corridors to transport essential products.

He also warned of the spread of epidemics and diseases as a result of hundreds of bodies being buried under the rubble that have not yet been recovered.

He added that our people are paying the price for the world’s silence and support for the Israeli occupation.

Shortly before, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry accused Israel of using the pretext of self-defense as a license to kill residents of the occupied territories.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the killing of thousands of civilians and the destruction of this coastal enclave, where homes, hospitals, schools, and religious places were attacked.

He added that Israel has turned Gaza into a scorched earth where life is impossible, in order to deprive citizens of their most basic human rights and needs, in an attempt to expel them from there.

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