April 23, 2024

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The 2TB SSD is ideal for the PS5 and has a very attractive price

The 2TB SSD is ideal for the PS5 and has a very attractive price

The Silicon Power XS70 is highly rated on Amazon and could be yours for less than you think.

Silicon Power XS70 SSD is compatible with PlayStation 5

Now you can have One of the best Silicon Power SSDs At a slightly lower price than the recommended price, it’s a good time to expand the storage capacity of your PC or PS5. The SSD in question is a 2TB Silicon Power XS70, and it has 15% discount On Amazon. With over 5,200 reviews and an average score 4.4 stars out of 5it is a highly recommended SSD.

Until not so long ago it was impossible to find a 2TB PCIe 4.0 NMVe SSD for around €100, but that’s changed. Without going any further, you can Buy the 2TB Silicon Power XS70 for €109.99 on Amazon. It is worth noting that It’s never been so cheapAll the more reason to get it if you want to forget about space problems. Additionally, the SSD includes this heat sink, which is essential when installing one of these fast storage units in the PS5. Regarding the latter, we remind you that an SSD with a capacity of up to 8 TB can now be installed in the Sony console.

Silicon Power XS70 (2TB)

Get the Silicon Power XS70 2 TB SSD for €109.99 on Amazon

2TB Silicon Power XS70 is Very reliable and fasthe have Read speed up to 7,300MB/sWhile its writing speed can reach 6,800 MB/s. As you can see, it’s on par with some of the best SSDs from other brands like Crucial and Samsung. By the way, if you are looking for a cheaper, lower capacity SSD, you can Get the 1TB Silicon Power XS70 for €69.99.

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Install a PCIe 4.0 NMVe SSD It’s very easy, especially on a tower PC. At most, you will need a screwdriver to attach the SSD to the motherboard. It’s also not difficult to install on the PS5, all you have to do is remove one of the covers to access the SSD bay. Let’s assume the installation process is the same as on your PC.

Silicon Power XS70 (2TB)

In short, the 2TB Silicon Power XS70 is SSD highly recommended, especially if you are looking for one with a large capacity. You’ll be able to install a fair number of Triple A games without having to free up space very often. However, we don’t know when the offer will end, so if you’re interested You better be quick to buy it.

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