June 21, 2024

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The ARK community is furious about the ‘free’ €40 update

The ARK community is furious about the ‘free’ €40 update

players ARK: Survival Evolved Angry at survival game developer Studio Wildcard, they report player. This summer, the American company It will stop maintaining the official servers of the title and release updates to focus your attention on ARK: Survival Ascenda revision of the same title, but with Unreal Engine 5, which will cost 40 euros even though it was initially said to be a free upgrade.

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Jeremy Stiglitzthe studio’s co-founder and co-creative director of the title, said in January that Unreal Engine 5’s release is Completely free update or remaster in development. “We haven’t officially announced the ARK UE5 update yet because there are other cool things we want to show off at that time as well.”

Announcements: ARK 2 is delayed Remastered From ARK with separate expansions

Those “big” announcements came on April 1, April Fool’s Day, but it was a little joke. One of them is delay ARK2 Until the end of 2024 at least, although it was announced for the same year for Xbox Series, PC and Game Pass. The other is what irritates those who support most Survival Since 2017: File Cease operations of the current version that continues to be soldreleasing paid re-mastering, and Also paid expansions for this version which duplicate the contents of already launched extensions for Survival evolution.

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So, ARK: Rise to survive will be launched on PS5 for 40 euros this summer. in Xbox and PC series will be released ARK Respawned Packwhich will also include ARK2 When it is released and early access to its beta. The expansions, which are either sold separately, are Explorer Pass (including scorched earth from launch, deflection in Q4 2023, and extinction in Q1 2024) Genesis (with the first part in the first quarter of 2024 and the second in the second quarter); Each pass costs 20 euros.

community response

in it subreddit Dedicated to the video game you can watch a file reconnaissance More than 5,300 users voted for it; barely Half of them say they won’t buy Climb to survive. The same forum is full of b Mounts And memes Criticism of alleged greed By Studio Wildcard, the Twitter ad Accompanied by hundreds of negative responses, the core game suffers Bombardment review on Steam And there are supposedly the development team In bad financial condition.

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by u/IWonByDefault in Astronomy

When Snail Games announced the future of astronomy…
by u/PloxyPP in Astronomy

others Editor accuses From the title of Helix Games for this movement. snail games They are publishers of many online role-playing and/or survival games years in early access That is, at least in the Steam ratings, they do not have good reviews from players, as is the case with Darkness and lightAnd atlas And The last oasis.