June 28, 2022

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The armed forces lead a drug seizure in Venezuela in 2021

During the salute to FANB, which was held the day before in Fuerte Tiona, Caracas, the Chief of Air Defense Command of the Strategic Operations Command this year added the neutralization of 54 aircraft designated for drug smuggling.

According to official figures from the National Anti-Drug Control Authority, the Venezuelan armed forces and security services have confiscated more than 51 tons of drugs from January to date, the highest volume in the past decade.

Similarly, the Minister of Defense noted that the FANB Scientific and Military Technological Council brings together nearly 200 projects, through which weapons systems have been restored, as well as technical and logistical solutions for equipment have been realized.

The Supreme Military Commander stressed that the armed establishment has been deployed to help people in facing the impact of climatic events and in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By interfering with the salute ceremony, President Nicolas Maduro acknowledged the role of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in maintaining peace, stability and internal security of the South American nation.

The head of state instructed the leaders of each component of the FANB to conduct a permanent balance in the face of “hidden threats to the peace of the country, enemies of peace and stability, those who conspire to forgery.” Science processes and so-called false positives.

In this sense, Maduro stressed that in 2022, this South American country must achieve the complete elimination of the so-called tancol (armed terrorists of drug traffickers from Colombia), which are systematically trying to cross the border to settle in Venezuelan territory.

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Similarly, Maduro called for improving the reaction capacity of elements of the armed forces in real time in the face of any threat or aggression, to make Venezuela “an impregnable fortress where calm, work and study reign.”

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