August 19, 2022

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The authors say the nomination for Homeland and Life at the Latin Grammys is for the Cuban people

The authors say the nomination for Homeland and Life at the Latin Grammys is for the Cuban people

The two nominations received at the Latin Grammy Awards for the song “Patria y vida”, “Anthem” of the protests in Cuba, This Tuesday unleashed joy among its authors, translators and figures from the Cuban exile in Miami.

“For the first time in history, the people of Cuba have been nominated for a Latin Grammy!????” wrote on Twitter Alexandre Delgado and Randy Malcom, members of the duo Gente de Zona, who co-recorded the song. With Yotwill Romero, Decimer Bueno, El Osorbo and El Finque.

“It’s not a nomination for us, the artists, it’s a nomination for the people of Cuba,” said Ginte de Zona.

“Patria y vida,” which came out last February and became the “soundtrack” to the protests that erupted in Cuba in July, Yotwill Romero said, was nominated in the Best Urban Song and Song of the Year categories, the organization announced today.

One of its translators, rapper Mikael Osorbo, El Osorbo, has been imprisoned in Cuba since July.

“Home and Life is the song of the year, and it’s great to be recognized by the music industry,” opposition member Rosa Maria Baia stressed in a statement to Efe.

He stressed that “not only for the value of music, poetry and the performance of six great Cuban musicians, but because it goes beyond the world of entertainment to speak to the consciences of the Cuban people and citizens of the world.”

According to Baia, “Patria y Vida does what is called art: awareness of the community and thus also an agent of change.”

He stressed that “interpreters on the island like Michael Osorbo, who is imprisoned today, are paying the consequences, and that solidarity among their colleagues is key.”

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El Funky, another musician from the band “Patria y vida,” declared he was “happy with this good news” in a Twitter message mentioning El Osorbo, artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and journalist Esteban Rodríguez, both imprisoned in Cuba.

People from the vicinity of Yotuel.

(Alicia Civita)

The “Patria y vida” video, released in February, has garnered more than 8.4 million views so far.
The letter condemns more than 60 years of “repression” and “trampled on dignity” in Cuba, and tells those who have ruled the country for more than 60 years that “it’s over” and vows a “new dawn.”

From the title, which is the antithesis of the regime’s slogan “Homeland or Death,” to the last word, the song is explicitly in conflict with the Cuban government and its policies.

“No more lies. People are asking for freedom, not more faith. We no longer preach homeland or death, but homeland and life,” the song says.

Also among the contenders for the Latin Grammy for Song of the Year 2021 are “A tu lado” (Paula Arenas), “A Sometimes” (Electric Diamond), “Agua” (Tainy and J Balvin), “Beautiful Song” (Carlos Vives) ) and Ricky Martin), “God Willed It That Way” (Ricardo Montaner and Juan Luis Guerra) and “Hawaii” (Maluma).

Completing the list of nominees are “Gitari” (Javier Limón, Juan Luis Guerra, Nella), “Let Our Love Be Known” (Mon Lafferte and Alejandro Fernandez), “If You Want” (Pablo Alboran), “Todo de ti” (Rauw Alejandro) and ” Rich life” (Camilo). EFE

The Latin Grammy Awards will be held on November 18 in Las Vegas (USA).

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