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The best apps that every astronomy lover should have - teach me about science

The best apps that every astronomy lover should have – teach me about science

Are you passionate about astronomy? Dive into this amazing collection of mobile apps to learn all about this science. In this article are attached the main applications that will help you study celestial bodies, harmoniously observe the night sky, access advanced tools and use 3D models. They are available for Android in different modes, download the one you like best and start a wonderful journey through the universe.

This educational app works like a mini game, where you have to pass tests, solve puzzles, multiple choice questions, trivia, learn about pictures and other puzzles. It mainly focuses on the solar system and planets.

astronomy for youth
If you want to learn the basics of astronomy using dynamic content, then this mobile application is the right choice for you. It contains reliable sources of information, including photos, audio narrator, explanations, tests, questionnaires, and more.

Astronomy for all
Explore the mysteries of the universe with this course and go under the “Advance at your own pace” method. The course program covers wide-ranging topics, from the birth of the universe, galaxies, stars, the solar system, gaseous planets, human history on the moon and everything related to the universe.

Astronomy course
As its name indicates, this app serves as a course in astronomy, it includes basic concepts of the topic, detailed descriptions of each planet and audio-visual materials. It is incredibly easy to use and it is worth noting that the language can be modified.

ISS/ISS . detector
The app is designed to monitor the International Space Station (ISS) and where you’ll receive constant notifications so you never miss a space event. You also get access to features like the radar screen and weather conditions.

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stars and planets
This app is focused on astronomy enthusiasts who are looking to travel through 3D space and work like a map of stars divided into sectors. The database consists of more than 4 million stars, black holes, exoplanets, magnetospheres, stellar disks, pulsars, and moons.

phases of the moon
Created by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Mission, this application is one of the best applications for accurately observing the phases of the moon through 3D models, it includes reliable information and an updated lunar calendar.

the sky from above
This application identifies celestial bodies, and is able to predict the movements of the International Space Station and satellites (visual and radio). It allows you to consult information about comets, orbits, stars, planets, and more. In turn, it has such practical functions as timelines, night mode, tracker and calendar.

galaxy map
This application was developed as a 3D map based on NASA images, telescopes, radiographs and observatories. During the application, you will be able to visualize our entire galaxy as well as nebulae, Orion’s arm, neighboring dwarf galaxies, supernovae and more wonders.

star map
This app is a great tool for observing the sky in real time, it uses GPS and accurate 3D technology. Likewise, it accurately shows all the stars of both hemispheres and constellations that you can even observe during the day.

a pot
The official NASA app offers over 14,000 videos, news, reports, live HD TV, over 16,000 images, 2D and 3D maps, plus an alternative rock radio station. Available in English only.

sky map
This application is based on a portable planetarium of maximum accuracy, with which you will be able to distinguish each element of space and know its exact location, although for this functionality a device with a compass and the use of GPS is required. You must have advanced knowledge of English because the application is in this language.

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Heaven’s Gate
The app works as a simulator where you can observe planets, eclipses, and other celestial events from anywhere in the world. Astronomy, spacecraft photos, accounts and commentaries of major events are included. It can also be connected to a compass instrument and Celestron WIFI telescope for a more complete experience. The app is available in Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian and French.

Sky Safari – ASTRONOMY App
With this sky simulation app, you will be able to locate more than 120,000 stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Interactive materials such as audio narration, astrophotography, graphics, night vision and animation are included.

sun, moon and planets
The methodology of this application focuses on the sun, moon, and planets, specifically detailing their locations, components, behaviors, phases, and eclipses. In the same way, it is intended to help the user by copying drawings and other surprising materials.

3D Solar System: Space View of Planet Earth
This application consists of a detailed realistic 3D model of the solar system, during your experience you will be able to navigate dynamically, discover information and play with the planets. The advantage of this feature is that you can augment reality with high quality. The three-dimensional encyclopedia includes the nine planets that make up the solar system.

Stars – Star Map
With the help of this mobile application, you will be observing the night sky in real time regardless of the time, date and location. Features include a 3D representation of planets, a catalog of over 1.60 billion stars and over 2 million galaxies, photorealistic high-resolution zoom, positioning, satellite tracking, and linking GOTO telescopes.

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Star Tracker Software: Night Sky Map & Star Guide
This app acts as a planet finder and as an observatory for the entire night sky. Among its main functions, a 3D model, an ephemeris and multiple images, as well as a section dedicated to news.

STAR WALK 2 ADS + Star Map
Through this application you will be able to observe the stars, constellations and other celestial bodies, sIts interface is simple, it includes sounds, visual effects, soundtrack, 3D models, eye protection for use in the dark, X-ray filters and much more.

It is an application developed for those who are interested in astronomy, it is very useful to know historical facts, interesting data, description of stars and personalities that have contributed to the world of astronomy. Videos, photos and solar simulations are included for smoother learning.

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