July 14, 2024

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The biggest mistake Gen Z makes when finding a partner, according to a therapist

The biggest mistake Gen Z makes when finding a partner, according to a therapist

In the digital age, Moving Subordinate quotes I have witnessed a transformationextremist. Applications and social networks It has revolutionized the way people meet and communicate, providing more choices than ever before. but, This abundance of possibilities has also brought with it a series of… ChallengesUnpublished. In this sense, psychotherapist Jeff Gunther, known as “Therapy Jeff” on social media, revealed the matter the main problem What Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, faces when it comes to… Find a partner.

In an interview with CNBC, Gunter explained that Generation Z has become hyper selective With their potential partners because The ease with which dating apps allow people to be filtered by superficial characteristics Such as height or physical appearance. “Sometimes we’re very selective about our ‘lists’ and what we want, and that prevents us from being open to people who are a little different,” Gunter said. “Dating apps allow us to filter people in a way that doesn’t necessarily lead to finding someone suitable,” he added, highlighting specific examples, such as rejecting potential partners based solely on height. He explained, “Many people are looking for men taller than 1.80, while only 11% of men are taller than that.”

Likewise, the therapist acknowledged that this practice is More common in women. According to data from the American dating site The League,… Women reject 70% of possible matches, compared to 55% of menbecause of Factors such as height or age.

This phenomenon has created a paradox in it, despite its existence More options available, Quality Of communications It doesn’t get better. as Expectations About future husbands to liftas it increases anxiety Among young people about whether they will find love.

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Guenther also pointed out that dating apps exist Diversion of attention Towards less important aspects of relationships. “They forced us to prioritize things that don’t really matter. This has created a world where we don’t seem to put as much effort into relationships. Because we can always go back to the apps He admitted to continuing to slip.

Obsession with cakes

Plus, Generation Z is obsessed identification What do they call it?ick“, referring to the sound used when something happens Dislike, in potential romantic partners, there is a growing trend on social media where users describe moments where attraction fades due to a simple “flaw.” On TikTok there are more than 200 million posts about “icks”where users mention unimportant details that discourage them from continuing to get to know the other person, starting with Use some emojis Until the Choice of food In a restaurant.

the A clear abundance of options On dating apps creates a profile The illusion of choiceWhich leads many people to reject people for trivial reasons. “Using dating apps has a kind of addictive quality, so even when you’re off the app and in a fulfilling relationship, there’s a feeling of wanting to come back and play the lottery again. It’s like maybe there was always someone else who might be a better choice.”

A situation that, according to the therapist, poses a major challenge for Generation Z, who must navigate the dating environment Give priority to superficiality And he threatens Sustaining aCommitment phobiawhich makes it more difficult to find a Meaningful connection.