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The chemical message that plants send to communicate with each other when they are in danger

The chemical message that plants send to communicate with each other when they are in danger

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When faced with plants Serious caseslike himAttack by herbivorous insects or the presence of pathogens-Deploy a surprising strategy for Survival.

Plants emit chemical signals to alert their neighbors and activate defense mechanisms. These signs are known as Plant or volatile hormonesIt is a silent but effective form of communication between them.

In other words, it's as if they were fired A cry for chemical help that other nearby plants can detect and respond topreparing for a possible attack.

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What message do plants send? Find out what science has to say about this amazing behavior.

Plants Message: Revealing a hidden and unknown phenomenon

In the 1980s, biologists Ian Thomas Baldwin And Jack Schultz They have made a surprising discovery that challenges beliefs about plant life: Plants can send chemical messages when they are in danger.

This discovery was made in South AfricaWhere hundreds of Glory (a type of antelope) They died from eating acacia leaves In times of drought.

These papers, as a means of defense, Producing tannins at high levels can be fatal to herbivores. This discovery indicates the existence of communication between plants to give a collective alert in the event of danger.

Some plants release chemicals into the soil that can inhibit the growth of other competing plants. (Source: Pixabay).

For better understanding, plants, unlike animals, lack The central nervous system And They are using Chemicals to send messages and coordinate responses.

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When a plant is attacked, free EthyleneIt is a volatile molecule that travels through the air and activates the defenses of neighboring plants. This chemical communication system It's fast and efficient It allows plants to protect themselves collectively.

In addition to Protect yourself from predatorsPlants use scents to attract pollinators.

Pollination is an essential process in plants. (Source: Archive).

to It emits sweet and attractive scentsThey attract bees and other insects that transfer pollen from one flower to another, facilitating their reproduction. This process shows the amazing communication of the plant and Their ability to adapt and survive in their environment.

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How do plants communicate?

There is a very distinct smell that many will remember: The smell of freshly cut grass.

Although this smells nice It is a defense mechanism that is activated in the face of danger.. When the leaves are cut, the plants They begin to release volatile chemicals that alert nearby plants.

Plants respond to physical contact by emitting odors. (Source: Pixabay).

This process activates the plants' defenses and also attracts predators It can help control pests.

Some plants like Yarrowhe Tansy or dandelionIt emits an attractive scent San Antonio cows When they are attacked Manna.

Despite its location Calm and aesthetic appearancePlants hide a world of… Communications and strategies Amazing survival.

Your ability to send messages and replies shows it They are more complex beings than we usually imagine. Every time you realize Smell in the airWe are before There is a silent dialogue between plants It is a reminder of how wonderful nature is.

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