May 18, 2024

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The Chilean Communist Party opens the traditional hugging festival

The Chilean Communist Party opens the traditional hugging festival

In O'Higgins Park, one of the capital's main green lungs, the political leader recalled how the roots of this celebration go back to the time of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

He noted that during those difficult years, when party members would meet in secret, they would embrace each other as a sign of joy in knowing that they were alive and free.

Carmona recalls that the first edition of this concert took place in 1988 at Los Marianistas Stadium, during the military regime.

“Later we were in other places, such as the Santa Laura Stadium in January 1990 when Gladys Marin, challenging the still dictator, demanded legitimacy from secrecy,” he said.

The head of the Chinese Communist Party said that this celebration is a moment for political reflection and evaluation, where experiences are exchanged through discussions, music, art, culture, gastronomy and other manifestations that represent a legitimate representation of the people.

This also leads us to raise flags of solidarity with people who struggle to defend their freedom and identity, he added.

Regarding the national situation, Carmona pointed out the need to combat organized crime and welcomed the work of the government headed by President Gabriel Buric, who was present at the event, to confront this scourge.

He expressed that the struggle to achieve greater equality and social justice is part of countries' efforts aimed at preventing criminal gangs from recruiting young people, even boys and girls, to carry out their atrocities.

He said that the year just ended is the 50th anniversary of the fascist coup, supported by the United States and the Chilean right, against Salvador Alente, which cost life, torture, exile and the most terrible persecution of a sector of society. . .

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Carmona expressed that the Popular Unity Government was capable of meeting the demands of society, especially workers, and defended the supremacy of natural resources, culture and education as factors of social mobility and health as a right.

The event was attended by many ministers, government officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, political parties, trade union and popular organizations, as well as a large representation of Chinese Communist Party fighters.