August 14, 2022

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The Chilean government will adopt security measures in La Araucanía

After meeting with the district’s governor, Luciano Rivas, Monsalve announced that the plan was to strengthen the capabilities of the police to maintain their preventive action and to control the violence.

The new Chilean government, which took office on March 11, ruled out the extension of the state of emergency in the so-called Greater Southern Region, issued by the previous administration, which allowed the deployment of military forces there and led to the rejection of the Mapuche people.

According to the Under Secretary of the Interior, dialogue is the way to solve structural problems in La Araucanía and throughout southern Chile.

This area is the scene of an ancient conflict dating back to the formation of the state of Chile, when the Mapuche people were stripped of their ancestral lands, today in the hands of forestry corporations.

In recent years, many acts of violence have been recorded there, including burning of property, homes, agricultural machinery, roadblocks, and armed attacks that have killed indigenous Mapuche people as well as farmers.

Monsalve called for a dialogue in which no issue, including territorial demand and the reorganization of the presence of commercial activity in the region, would be excluded.

“The principle of dialogue is to begin by recognizing that there are others with different histories, different worldviews, different ideas, different traditions, and we want to get to know these others, who are the first nations of Chile,” he said.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior visits the region for four days, where he meets with governors, mayors and other authorities; As well as with representatives of indigenous communities, prosecutors, businessmen and police forces.

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