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The composer of fate will have to pay Bungie to use the music for personal gain

The composer of fate will have to pay Bungie to use the music for personal gain

Marty O’Donnell, the former Bungie songwriter whose music we’ve heard in games from the series Hello And Saucepan, He was I am guilty of posting on the Internet the topics that he created himself first Saucepan. Reason? After his dismissal, the court ruled that all those materials that, according to the ruling, were the property of the video game company should be disposed of. He’s now held in contempt and will have to pay Bungie the yet-to-be decided amount, though the company has come close to 100,000 dlares (about 85 thousand euros if the trial took place in Spain).

Litigation is primarily related to album ball musicFirst composed by Marty O’Donnell Saucepan This served as the basis for the music of subsequent installments and expansions. in 2015 The composer was forced to remove not only the album itself, but all the material You are somehow involved in creating songs, as well as alternate versions, as shown by Eurogamer.

O’Donnell was not only erasing material, but also Songs posted ball music on both YouTube and Bandcamp, where he posted an album titled sketches moots It can be downloaded either for free or upon payment of a donation. Currently, all these songs have already been removed from the composer’s channels.

A fine for posting a message on social networks

“Mr. O’Donnell’s mere possession of these materials is indicative of that I did not comply with the order to return “all materials” to Bungie‘, about the company in an application that was accepted by the court. The composer has been accused Contempt and violation of court order 2015.

A fixed amount has yet to be set for how much O’Donnell will have to pay Bungie, although his representatives (cannot comment) consider that About $100,000 The company requested is overrated. What has already been determined is another punishment for the author: he must Post a message on social media Acknowledge that it does not own the rights to exploit that music and ask all persons who purchased it to remove the material.

Marty O’Donnell is now composing music Polymic Six days in Fallujah Highwire con games.

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