August 7, 2022

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The Dominican heritage that never was

The legacy of the Rosario family, as the case was known in this nation, though a difficult tale to comprehend, was taken very seriously by many favored propositions, who took their claims at the gates of the National Palace.

However, the scammer showed up a few hours ago, attorney Johnny Portreal disappeared, and the hopes of many who believed the story and waited impatiently to receive a portion of the alleged looting were gone.

Al-Faqih, a fugitive from justice since 2020, is now accused of defrauding at least 283 members of the said family, who have sued him.

Undoubtedly, as well-read writer Claudio Acosta pointed out in an article for the Hoy newspaper, “We are in the presence of a skilled salesman of delusions, who has succeeded in deceiving thousands of people with the title of Rosario with the story that they were the heirs of the lands in which the Rosario Dominicana Mining Company operates.”

Acosta explained how those who believed they were beneficiaries of a portion of the wealth offered between 50,000 and 100,000 pesos ($905-1,800) to the fraudster to represent them, thus raising, according to the prosecutor’s office, about 16 million pesos ($290,000).

What happened is worth taking to the small screen because it sounds like a story or a joke, but the truth is that many believed the story, let them cheat and most painfully, were part of that circus they lived in this capital city leading to street closures, protests in front of banks and even convoys with full buses by relatives.

And the columnist asks, what will happen now and replies immediately: Knowing our judicial system, it is easy to expect that this lawyer will find a way back to the streets and his old ways, as can also be expected, the unwary people who gave him money will not do it again. See.

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It is worth taking the history of experience and looking in the mirror of those who today see their savings 100 fathoms of water and regrets falling into the arms of social predators, as well as seeing their dreamed fortunes evaporate, and which they thought would change forever. their lives and their lives.

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