August 19, 2022

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Los vampiros de 'Redfall' revelan una perspectiva más centrada en la experiencia

‘Redfall’ vampires reveal a more experience-focused perspective

After raising expectations in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase presentation with gameplay visuals, Team Arkane Austin showed us a more focused perspective on Experience “Redfall” aims to provide a video Which they called: “Welcome to Redfall.”

“Redfall” is an open world, narrative shooter that gives players choice Fight alone or as a team Together with up to three other friends, they uncover the mystery behind the appearance of vampires on the town of Redvale Island, Massachusetts. Players can choose heroes from a diverse team and get Specialized Armory Modify your character with upgrades and abilities while restoring Redfall.

The trailer also shows some of the weapons that will be usable, including Pistols and some sniper rifles. As I was warned, in this case, the enemies of the video game and the multiplayer, who will adopt the co-op format, will be fearsome vampires of several different classes.

Judging by the content, it seems that “Redfall” vampires are not afraid of crosses or allergies to garlic. Perhaps they do not sleep in coffins or need an invitation to enter your home. Not so long ago they were normal and greedy people, people obsessed with the idea of ​​eternity who used science to become monsters. After their transformation, some vampires develop abilities like Angler, who uses a psychic spear to lure the player away from their team.

These vampires are getting stronger as their numbers increase. Between some irony and many moments of tension, the new production finds itself Under development, with forecasts to be commercialized through 2023. It will be exclusive to PC, Cloud and Xbox Series X | S and it will arrive on Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

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