December 9, 2023

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The Dominican Liberation Party warns of the crisis

The Dominican Liberation Party warns of the crisis

The FAO’s Secretary for Agricultural Affairs, Adriano Sanchez, warned that 40% of small and medium-sized traders are bankrupt and unable to sell this product in the binational market.

Roa emphasized that the crisis in the Dominican poultry sector, which the same actors called the “mother of crises,” has reached rock bottom.

He said that while consumers are buying chicken and eggs at high prices, this situation persists due to actions taken by the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party government, which decided to reopen the borders for trade only, but on conditions that Port Au does not allow. -The prince does not accept.

According to Roy, the executive also fostered “unfair” imports of national production, and minimal action toward producers only benefited the “powerful.”

For these reasons, about 1,300,000 units of eggs are no longer sold daily, which has led to a decline in farm prices, he explained.

Regarding chickens, about 50,000 units provided daily also do not reach Haiti, which leads to large debts for poultry farmers.

This Thursday, the government sold cardboard containing 30 units in the markets of this capital and in other areas for 100 Dominican pesos (about $1.80), while its average price is no less than 180 pesos (just over three dollars).

In the crowded markets at noon, the product is completely sold out, and citizens wait for offers to lighten their wallets.

In recent days, the executive announced the purchase of laying hens and eggs from producers affected by the border closure, following the conflict resulting from the unilateral construction of an irrigation canal on the border river by Haitian citizens.

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