August 19, 2022

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The first "Argentine club" to reach New Zealand, New Zealand

The first “Argentine club” to reach New Zealand, New Zealand

The company, located on the small island of the same name in the country, has been elevated to the first division of the Northern Territory, where it will face teams such as Auckland City. The team consists of dozens of Argentines, who strengthened it and were able to climb seven divisions in eight years.


On New Zealand Argentina has a club with bases, which is a sensation because it is now promoted NRFL Premier, The highest football division in the north of that country. Wiihake United AFC is a company founded in 1987 and located on the island of the same name, A few minutes from the capital Auckland. Until 2013 he had an inappropriate walk through regional football, but At the end of that year, everything changed when Argentina came to that place and joined the team. From there, other nationals come to the company that has reaped six consecutive promotions in four years. In 2021, after being terminated due to an epidemic, he made history: he was crowned champion and earned a place to compete in the most important division in the region.

The intellectual writer of this story is called Fagundo Calvo, who came to the sea in late 2013. He was the first Argentine to wear it after creating the Wiiheke shirt and was guilty of what would happen next. Galvo began recruiting soldiers among many Argentine and Latin Americans who were on vacation or new opportunities to the island of paradise.

I am from Olivos, but in 2013 we started a trip to New Zealand with my girlfriend. I really wanted to play football, I wanted to test myself on how far I could go. Thus, thanks to the persuasion of my friend (Calvo), I decided to join. It was so amateurish at the time, it was played for fun. Then the years went by The club is growing and growing from small to large, so more and more Latin people began to come in to discover what we were achieving., ர சி து Alan Moones, Lives in New Zealand as an Argentine and splits his time between living as a chef and being the team captain.

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Alan Moones

New Zealand football is divided into three parts: north, center and south. In turn, each has different categories. In the highest division in the North, in which the Argentine team can now participate, the historic Auckland City, San Lorenzo’s match in the semi-finals of the 2014 Club World Cup, is taking place among other clubs. It is above these three amateur leagues that are played in the winter New Zealand Football Championship (NZFC), a semi-professional competition, is the main league in the country and has a closed form with no promotions or demotions. Until 2016 it was exclusive to franchises, but then it opened to clubs. One of the 10 teams that play Auckland, winning it gives them a ticket to the Oceania Champions League.

So, from now on the island company will touch the elite. Qualification doubles because none of them dedicate themselves exclusively to football. “The club is special because we do everything with the lungs, no money, it sets us apart from the rest. Each has a parallel job. Some work in construction, others work in the vineyards and there are painters.”, Details Lunance, he came to prove himself in the river as a central marker and a young man.

Since its inception eight years ago, Wyhaek has attracted attention in New Zealand for its distinctive features: it is a club with Latin features located in a country where football is not a popular sport.We currently have 40 to 45 Latin Americans. Most of us are Argentines, but there are also some Uruguayans and Chileans. Members of the two campuses, Primara and Reserve, usually stay here with a one-year work holiday visa and then leave. The island is so beautiful and so many summer people come, so winter stayers play on Wiihake, Compiles the moons.

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A clear example of this Axel Gomez, Another countryman who is part of the team. After graduation, he decided to leave Argentina and gain experience living in another country. Although he was not scheduled to visit the island. “After coming to Auckland, one day I was walking around the harbor and saw a boat going to Wyhake. I thought I had heard that there were several Argentines once, so I wanted to go. That’s what I heard when I was training to join. “, தற்குறிப்பு.

HoweverWhat locals are most surprised about is not the sporting achievements that the company has achieved, but what is going on around them. The small island club of 8 thousand people and covering an area of ​​92 square kilometers has a party that dominates color and a party that represents the appearance of most of its footballers.

Swollen Wyheke

Colored lights, the sound of drums with songs, boca, river or even Argentine national team shirts and flags in Maradona’s memory, Some recurring postcards Fibaso Band, The name that hundreds of supporters who follow the team in every field call themselves. “Every time we play as a spectator the clubs are responsible for making special invitations so that we are no less than our fans. Every Thursday, after the last weekly training session, we organize a shared meal and raise money for the Saturday party, except that they follow us everywhere.”, Approves Monday.

Swollen Wyheke

Like many think of New Zealand football, Lones, one of the longest-serving players in the world, was skeptical of the status quo. “At first I looked down on him a little bit, but when we go up to that category, you see they have a good level, even though they are very different style from us. Maybe it’s not an attractive game, but they have a good development of their idea. They are commanded and Sometimes it’s hard to open the scoreboard. “, He points out.

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As of 2022, Wiihake Last season was dedicated to 34 units, eleven wins, four defeats and one drawHe will be the most important challenge in his 30-year career and despite it being difficult, at the club they dream of making the big leap. “The most satisfying thing is that we can be in the top tier with sponsors to help us grow. Then, When we wear a shirt we aspire for everything: grab the top four, play in national tournaments and try to beat it to qualify for the Oceania Champions. It may seem remote, but it is easily accessible. The epidemic was in our favor because, unlike other years, many of the boys who crossed the New Zealand decided to stay and we played together for a long time.Loons is excited. Of course Wieheke will not lose the breath of Argentina on the way to feeling an illusion.

Photos: Waiheke United.

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