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The first buyer was welcomed in the United States

The first buyer was welcomed in the United States

February 3, 2024 – at 20:20

Apple launched its long-awaited product in the United States, and it caused a real revolution among users

Tim Cook/X

he Apple Vision Pro It was finally launched to consumers and the reaction the customer received from the store staff shook social media, they claim “We're living in an episode of Black Mirror.”.

The Apple Vision Pro headphones are finally available to consumers, just months after being shown off during a conference Worldwide Developers Conference 2023. Thousands of people came to their nearest Apple Store on February 2, 2024 to celebrate the launch and pick up purchases worth no more than $3,500.

A video clip went viral on social mediaBecause it appears The first person to buy a new Apple product is greetedWhich prompted many people to complain about him.

What is Apple Vision Pro, Apple's new product

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that brings digital content and apps into your physical space and lets you navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice. Provides “augmented reality” instead of “virtual reality”Which means users will be able to see the world around them while using it, rather than being limited to a completely virtual environment.

In the United States, This latest generation device is priced at $3,499This reflects its advanced technology and its ability to transform the market.

I have Apple Vision Pro Laminated glass front screenAluminum frame covered with elastic cushion and adjustable headband. The frame contains five sensors, six microphones and 12 cameras. Through the lenses, the user will see two micro-OLED screens with a total of 23 megapixels, each of which is the size of a postage stamp. The eyes are tracked by a system of LED lights and infrared cameras, which form the basis of the eye An iris scanner device called Optic ID (Used for authentication, just like the iPhone's Face ID.) Optical inputs intended for people who wear prescription glasses are supported; These lenses will be magnetically attached to the main lens and will be developed in partnership with Zeiss. The device's speaker is located inside the headband and placed directly above the user's ears and can generate surround sound.

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It uses the Apple Vision Pro processor Apple M2 And a new processor Apple R1 Specially made for sensor input processing device, which will be cooled by soft fan. A specially designed battery pack connected to the device via cable allows the device to operate for two hours. Alternatively, the device can be connected to an external power source.

Videos of people using Apple Vision Pro on social media