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The first conferences on ethics and scientific research will strengthen public health in Ecuador – Ministry of Public Health

The first conferences on ethics and scientific research will strengthen public health in Ecuador – Ministry of Public Health

Quito, September 18, 2023

In celebration of World Medical Ethics Day, the Ministry of Public Health successfully opened the “First Conference on Ethics, Research and Scientific Publishing”. The event, the result of a collaboration between MSP and the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE), seeks to promote research and ethics in the field of health.

During the opening ceremony of the Medical Days, Patricia Carrera, Rector responsible for PUCE, emphasized the ethical and moral principles that guide the practice of clinical medicine and scientific research. He thanked the participants and committed them to building a more ethical future in the field of health.

This scientific event, which will host 75 exhibitions, has implemented a friendly platform that has facilitated the participation of 2,800 national and foreign registrants, as of the closing date of this publication. Pointing out that 60% of the participants hold specialized, master’s or doctoral degrees. In addition, there will be attendance from members of Human Research Ethics Committees (CEISH), Healthcare Ethics Committees (CEAS), editorial boards of scientific journals and researchers.

Carla Flores, Undersecretary for National Health System Strengthening, Vice President of the Republic, stressed the importance of analysis and discussion to provide medical practice with the tools that enhance it.

Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gabriela Aguinaga, highlighted the importance of these sessions as an essential pillar for strengthening the country in the areas of ethics, investigation, and scientific publishing. He stressed MSP’s commitment to investing in health research and decentralizing operations, which contributed to streamlining and improving the quality of research.

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He also highlighted the work of the National Directorate of Health Research with ethics committees. “We have seen significant development, moving from a sole regulatory role to comprehensive support for the promotion of more ethics committees throughout the national territory,” Minister Aguinaga said.

The medical sessions will begin on Wednesday, September 20 and extend until December 2023, from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on Wednesday and Thursday. In addition, activities can be followed asynchronously through the event’s virtual platform. Registration is still open at the following link:


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