November 28, 2023

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The Game Awards 2023 Nominees: Starfield is out for the GOTY

The Game Awards 2023 Nominees: Starfield is out for the GOTY

The GOTY election moment is one of the most anticipated moments of the year by players from all over the world. Even those who say they are not concerned about the issue end up entering the conversation, thus giving importance to The Game Awards 2023, which will explode in this edition with high-quality titles.

We are in a season rarely seen in the video game industry. With many works that were praised by critics and audiences alike, and with some big surprises at the nomination level.

some of them absence com. starfield And Final Fantasy XVI In the category of best game of the year (GOTY for its abbreviation in English) and the existence of a new edition of Resident Evil 4. Not because the latter isn’t good enough to exist, but because it’s a remake of a video game with several re-releases already. A discussion you will definitely come across on the networks.

What there will certainly be consensus on The most nominated video games for the ceremony: Baldur’s Gate 3 And Alan Wake 2. Each one has eight (8) nominations from among 31 categories, And the first of them has serious chances of winning the grand prize at the end of the ceremony.

Marvel Spider-Man 2For its part, it is one of the other big nominees for The Game Awards 2023 with seven (7) attendees. Among them is GOTY 2023. The video game we analyzed in Press Over last week It’s a great PlayStation 5 exclusive from three years ago, so it only makes sense that it’s part of the main category.

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And they were a little behind Heavy Rush bethesda, Super Mario Bros Wonder And The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears With five (5) nominations. Although yes, Nintendo also has a chance to win GOTY 2023.

Cyberpunk 2077 And Final Fantasy XVIon the other hand, we have four (4) nominations left, and finally, we have Two Capcom with three (3): Resident Evil 4 And Street Fighter 6.

If one follows the logic of attendance numbers among the 31 categories, the video games with the best chance of winning the Video Game of the Year category in 2023 would seem to be: Baldur’s Gate 3 And Alan Wake 2. However, last year he was the winner Al-Din ring And Most nominated was God of War: Ragnarok.

On the independent side unfortunately We are really looking forward to watching the Argentine video match the narrator. We believe that the work published by Annapurna, which has a previous record in GDC awards and a very impressive final result, deserves to be part of this category. But again, Latin America will have to look at it from the outside.

A more questionable choice when we find that among the candidates Dave the diver. A work, albeit a premium one, developed by MINTROCKET, part of the Nexon studio, a South Korean company and one of the largest in the sector.

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Having said all that, we now leave you with all the categories and nominees for The Game Awards 2023.