July 2, 2022

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The Historic Pact has tremendous support in Colombia

The Historic Pact has tremendous support in Colombia

Bogota. The race for the presidency in Colombia continues today and is becoming more and more intense, but it is still the historic charter candidate, Gustavo Petro, who dominates the tracts of land he visits.

For this Thursday, the appointment will be in San Antonio Park in Medellin, where the candidate will be accompanied by elected senators and representatives of the House of Representatives, and where he will share his government program with residents and at the same time he will listen to their concerns and problems.

Yesterday, in Neiva, the Huila, Petro and Historical Pact department received great support in Plaza Cívica Los Libertadores located in the center of town.

Pietro proposed to the people of Huila to turn that area into an agricultural powerhouse for Colombia.

“We want agricultural huila, and we are not ashamed to say it. We want associations and cooperatives of producers and agricultural producers that become owners of product processing,” said Petro, who is required to move from simple production to industry.

He explained, “Corn on the cob is not like corn in Aba; it’s worth more in arepa. Avocado is not like shampoo made from avocado. The value of a tomato is different from that of tomato sauce, and the value of coffee beans is not equal to that of processed ground coffee.”

The candidate concluded that industrialization would be the tool that would generate wealth for the peasants, as they would be the owners of the added value they generate as the products were transformed.

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Petro stressed that women play a key role in achieving this goal and must be “strong, owners of land and industrialization.”

“To be the central focus of Colombia’s life-care system. Life and women are synonymous,” stressed the candidate who always pays tribute to the women, youth, and ethnic communities that make up this hugely diverse country in his speeches.

To achieve this goal, the candidate said, it is necessary for the state to guarantee accessible loans to both peasants and informal workers.

“No more credit for a gun on his belt. The offices of the so-called agricultural fund are open to the people’s economy, loans at decent rates that can be repaid from the profits of production. He explained the agricultural and food economy with a public and cooperative credit system.