November 30, 2023

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The horror of the demonic pre-Olympics

The horror of the demonic pre-Olympics

as Spain lost to Slovenia In the Olympic Games A black map was drawn on to chooseWho went into the “Evil Box” and ended up falling against it United Statepicture Rudy Fernandez In the press room Arena Indonesia After losing to Latvia it was worth a thousand words. Keep your head down, I knew it Spain He missed a golden opportunity to advance to the quarter-finals, but most of all, it put his place in the finals in jeopardy. Olympic Games Which is really hard to get in world.

Because, we must not hide it, there is fear among the Spanish delegation of confronting A Pre-Olympic Which would be inevitable then Spain This Sunday falls before Canada And it is left out world. In this case, you will be part of a group of 24 teams that will be divided into four groups of six teams. Only the champions of each group will be present in the tournament games to Paris. There are actually two teams seeded for the Olympic event: Franceas an organizer; And Australia, as the best choice in Oceania. The World Cup offers six more places: two to Europetwo to Americaa Asia And another for Africa. The other four come from the 24-team pre-Olympic stage.

Hell Pre-Olympic It’s not just about choices Spain can compete. Waiting for the two Europeans to put in worldSpain will have rivals at the same level Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Greece, Latvia, Georgia… Of these, you will only avoid two. And you would have to add the Americans, who could be among them Brazil, Dominican, Puerto Rico…that is, if there is no failure Canadawhich would add to his current team, with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander In front of, in Jamal Murray

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A very problematic issue also involves the chaos of dates. The ACB season ends on June 17. he Pre-Olympic It takes place between July 2 and 7. Recognizing that players love Rudy, Llull, Brizuela, Willy, Parra, Abrines (to name a few people in the World Cup) playing in it Barcelona And Madridthe focus of the event will be seriously distorted and will also affect the focus of the assignment ParisIt takes place from July 27 to August 10.

he Pre-Olympic It will have four headquarters. Spain He could consider being one of the organisers, however International Basketball Federation Organizing it usually requires a large sum of money (in 2019 it was worth 2 million euros) and, mathematically, does not guarantee anything. Previously organized by Lithuania games to Tokyo And Doncic Ruin the party with Slovenia. The best treatment is winning Canada.