May 16, 2022

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The key to angels in 2022 will be health

The key to angels in 2022 will be health

Anaheim – The Angels who won the AL MVP award are in good health. So does the third baseman, who has $245 million.

The rotation in Los Angeles looks promising, starting with two right-handers in the top positions. The bulls, which have been his Achilles heel for years, now appear as a strong point.

Will 2022 be the year Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani finally win a playoff with a team that always ends up disappointing their fans? Despite the background, Trout thinks the optimism is justified this time around.

After all, he’s healthy, as are Otani and Anthony Rendon.

“I think everyone here is excited to play with Shuhei,” Trout said. “Since we signed Rendon (before the 2020 season), I don’t think we’ve played a full squad too many times. Obviously this year will be different and that’s what we’re excited about.”

Trout made only 36 appearances last year before he was ruled out in mid-May with a calf injury. Rendón participated in only 58 matches due to various ailments mainly related to a thigh injury.

He did not play again in the second half of the season.

Ohtani played the entire season and did it in an amazing way. He will be on the mound and racket on April 7, when the Angels opened their regular season as host for the governor of the Western Conference and NBA champion Houston.

“We need to keep our players on the field until we really see the potential of this group,” Al Tayyar emphasized.

Angels Noah Sendergaard and Michael Lorenzen added to the right hand for their rotation. They also enlisted the services of two Yankees players, Tyler Wade and Andrew Velasquez.

They also acquired the painkillers Aaron Loeb, Archie Bradley and Ryan Tebera.

Players Phil Gosselin and defensive back Juan Lagaris are all gone, as well as starters Alex Cope and Dylan Bundy, and two loyalists, Steve Sysch and Junior Guerra.

Syndergaard is ready to fire his lightning bolt after two years in which he has done so little.

Angels “Thor” Syndergaard, 29, signed a one-year deal worth $21 million. It was his biggest pre-season possession.

The bowler has only covered two major tournaments in the past two seasons after undergoing Tommy John’s operation. Now cast without restrictions.

He’s not given a role limit, though the Angel’s six-man rotation does provide some protection.

“After two years of no performances, comes what could be the biggest year of my career. I just need to de-stress,” said Sendergaard. “Joe has a great club, lots of fun and relaxation. But it’s definitely time to get down to business.”