November 30, 2023

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The Kingdom of Data: The only possible future scenario for combating drought

The Kingdom of Data: The only possible future scenario for combating drought

In this sense, he mentioned the main benefits of digitalization for the sector, such as ensuring the stability of water networks, reducing waste and unbilled water. Moreover, he pointed out Lacroix’s contributions to this processsuch as managing network pressure, reducing leakage, managing transportation efficiently and using renewable water.

definitely, Digitization means savings, and all these possibilities lead us to triple savings: direct energy savings, direct water savings, and operation savings. There is no doubt that this triple saving contributes to energy efficiency and infrastructure sustainability.

In conclusion, Javier Pino emphasized: Cybersecurity and the importance of preparedness and protection against new threats in this field. In addition, he continued to point to other challenges such as the greater concentration of population in urban areas or the need to adapt to rapid technological changes.

He also stressed that The suitability of PERTE for water cycle digitizationWhich brings together all of these previously mentioned goals and challenges. LACROIX has a complete range of products for all stages of the integrated water cycle, and its projects adapt to all models stipulated by PERTE.

Raoul Valls, Smart Irrigation Manager at Ragber, introduced this company, dedicated to developing irrigation technologies and comprehensive solutions ranging from water collection from dams to agriculture, including transportation, water drainage for large canals, and management of irrigation connection points. Field sensors, digital image and irrigation itself.

Raul Valls took advantage of his intervention to focus on High transportationSince more than 50% of the world’s high water transport is transported by canals, and More than half of this water is lost in this path. “Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has invested a lot in improving irrigation communities, there is a lack of investment in canal infrastructure, where the greatest losses occur,” he explained.

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